Monday, January 08, 2007

I want love, just a different kind

OK, I'll admit it. I repeatedly posit that I don't even WANT to marry some dude, but still I'm enthralled by the video wedding announcements at the New York Times website. All my best to you, Peter and Clifton!And to my own amazing yet-to-be-found waiting for me out there somewhere, here's to you! ::clink::

In local news, the whole damn state is in a frenzy over the Buckeyes playing in the national championship tonight. Off work early today, taking tomorrow off, big television buying, wings eating and beer drinking frenzy. ::yawn:: Oh, and Ted Strickland took the oath of office last night so we have a Democratic governor in Ohio for the first time in 16 years! Do I think a Democrat in Columbus is the panacea for this state's multiple ills? No, but it couldn't hurt.


Jen said...

I am not even leaving the house today. The Game, it frightens me.

Speaking of state politics, do you know where all the tax money in this state goes? I've been wondering this for a while but haven't gotten off my lazy ass to see what I can find out about it. It just seems to me that Ohio takes in way more money than what is evident in state spending.

Michael said...

I don't know enough about it to reply intelligently.

I do know that they are spending a TON on new school construction, the irony being the communities are then left with massive buildings they can barely afford to operate.

Sara said...

I'll only be participating in the beer drinking!
Go Bucks!

Jen said...

The apparent lack of education spending was what prompted my question, actually, since someone told me recently that it's not uncommon for public school students to have to pay for books, which is one of the craziest things I've ever heard.

Michael said...

Jen, there is ONE Dayton public school with a decent academic record, Stivers School for the Arts, and the board has been looking at cutting ancillary faculty there, while new school buildings are popping up all over. I understand the need for good facilities, but bricks don't teach kids.

Sara, O.H.! I.O.!

The Other Andrew said...

"Buckeye"? Is that what Paris Hilton and Shannon Doherty suffer from?

I feel like such a forrenner!

Ur-spo said...

I live on the East side of town and I can hear the rumblings and shouts all the way from the west side.
Gads, but if OSU wins there will be no sleep!

Michael said...

Furren AND queer so nobody will fault you for unfamiliarity with American sports, Andrew dear.

And I'm sure you slept well, ur-spo. Oh my, the Buckeyes had their helmets handed to them. Of course, I was watching "Brothers and Sisters" and "Ugly Betty" on TiVo.

The Other Andrew said...

Dude, we're about to get "Brothers & Sisters" and "Ugly Betty" on our teevs this year. Yay! I sagely advised my roomie Bodes that they were good, on account of your say so. You're my zeitgeist, guy.

Michael said...

Oh brother, Ugly Betty is the bomb! You'll love. LOVE, I say! I also adore Brothers and Sisters, but it's not as consistently fab, week in and week out. TONS of cute boys, though. Tons. Oh, and more man-man action than we saw in 8 seasons of Will and Grace.

Hug Bodhi for me.

The Other Andrew said...

Yay for man-on-man action! :)

"Ugly Betty" looks like lots of fun. Killer poncho! Snerk.

Will do. Hug Freakgirl for me!

Michael said...

Mr. "Killer Poncho" is one of the funniest characters. That's Mark, the curly-headed effete sycophant to Vanessa Williams' character.

And Justin, Betty's theatrical nephew is really good, too.

I'll hug her for you, and get her to feel me up for you.

The Other Andrew said...

Yay. Request a buns grab for me.