Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Can you read my mind?

Bear with me on this one. I was driving on Sunday and suddenly thought of this girl I used to see in my office. Not sure why, and I hadn't thought of her in years, but I wondered how she was and what she was up to. Well, today she's scheduled in a few hours. Turns out I haven't seen her since 2001. I randomly thought of her three days ago. Now she's coming in. That actually happens more than you might imagine. So is it that she thought of me, and that made me think of her? Or I thought of her and then she thought of me? Or do I randomly think of hundreds of people a week and it's only when they suddenly come calling that it stands out? I tend to believe the last, but it'd be more fun if it was one of the other two, no?

UPDATE: She's fresh from a year-long stint abroad studying native art on a Fulbright scholarship. Amazing kid.


landis smithers said...

i'm thinking
you should start thinking
of jake gyllenhal
while you have this power. ..

Michael said...

Doh! Or better yet, Tim Gunn!

You're a genius.