Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm sure that we can find some common ground

One of my favoritest people has recently turned me on to Billy Bragg. I'd been aware of him, if only peripherally, through duets he's done with Michael Stipe and Natalie Merchant. Now...now he's my Boo. I've been crushing on him for the last few weeks. Over lunch I burned a new CD chock full of even mo' Bragg, cued it up in the car, and I wasn't even out of the driveway when I had the biggest smile on my face. No really, it was a smile that stretched the corners of my mouth and I think it may have even briefly leapt off my face. And it lasted all the way back to work. So so fun. You know it's a good song when you're singing along the very first time you hear it, and tell me if these aren't some of the best opening lines evah:

I've had relations with girls from many nations
I've made passes at women of all classes
And just because you're gay
I won't turn you away
If you stick around I'm sure that we can find some common ground

Sexuality - Strong and warm and wild and free
Sexuality - Your laws do not apply to me


freakgirl said...

omg, he looks so young there!

Michael said...

I was gonna post something LIVE and more current, but he's just so cute in that and I couldn't resist him finding common ground in black with that homo.

freakgirl said...

oh god, I forgot that Kirstyappeared in that video.

RIP. I still get sad when I hear her voice.
Justice for Kirsty.

Michael said...

Oh dear. I've never heard of her. That poor family. I've seen up close how hard it is for a mother to find peace when the circumstances of her child's death are unclear.

freakgirl said...

She covers his song "A New England" and had a hit with it. She added her own verse, and since her death, Billy performs her verse as well, with his hand on his heart, looking at the sky.

I cry. Every. Time.

I'm going to send you some of her stuff tomorrow. You need it.

keith said...

If you don't have it yet I recommend "Mermaid Avenue" which is (Billy Bragg + Wilco) / Woody Guthrie = A++.

Lisa said...

I can't tell you how HAPPY I am that you are sharing in the Bragg love. (dirty!)

Michael said...

Keith, I'm gonna check that out.

Lisa, darling, the glow-y joy on your face in that picture apres-concert played a big part. I'm really digging him. The simple arrangements, the humor, that accent!