Monday, November 26, 2007

Green with joy then gray with sorrow, ripened fruit that falls tomorrow

I can't focus my brain enough lately, so even composing a coherent blog post seems like TOO MUCH EFFORT. So it's bullet points you'll get, and you'll like it. Until further notice.
  • You can call it tourist trap theater, jukebox theater, or even the downfall of American theater, but why does one experience necessarily detract from another? What's that? You mean some people just pick one show and the other's suffer? I hadn't thought of only seeing one thing. Anyway, when you start with ABBA songs, then add gaudy costumes and ebullient choreography, well, then I'm on board, tenuous plotline be damned.Yep, Mamma Mia swung through town and if it's nutritionally barren fast food theater for the masses, consider me sidled up to the trough, y'all, because I loved it. This guy playing Sam Carmichael certainly didn't hurt. When I'm all with the swooning over some dude, and then I go home and find from his website that he's partnered with another theater guy and they have two doesn't get any better. Unless he was mine, mine, mine, mine.
  • Beowulf in digital 3D rocked my socks! Visually stunning. It's an entertaining ride, too, but it's worth the price of admission for the 3D effect alone. ((The new 3D glasses were kind of Wayfarer-esque, only more Poindexter. Awesome. Will you fault me for keeping them on as I shopped apres-theater?)) This movie wasn't just "spears and arrows" flying out at you 3D, although there is some of that to be sure, it was an entire eye-popping three-dimensional feast of an experience you won't regret. Perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Oh, and our man B, all buff and tumble, likes to battle balls out. Literally. His virtual furry chest gives me actual randy pants.Top that with a sweater sale at Banana Republic and I had a spring in my step the rest of the day.
  • Have I ever told you that I'm intimidated by the A-List gays? I saw a couple of them in the theater lobby before Beowulf and even though they couldn't have been more friendly (well, at least one of them...the other guy always has a smirky look), I was all tongue-tied and awkward. I'm not so very sensitive to criticism generally, so I wonder why I'm so worried about making a good impression, that I make a horrible one with the queer elite. Huh.
  • This is what I bought at the Banana. You like? It really does play right into my default mildly preppy aesthetic. Should I work on that?
  • My love for Christmas music is a bit of an anachronism (see: don't love Christmas, no longer a Christian), but love it I do. I'm a dirty whore for a carol. I cued up the holiday music on my iPod this weekend. Over 350 Christmas songs? Really?
  • Speaking of music, I'm still loving all over Billy Bragg, but I'm also falling hard for The Weepies. Their 2005 release, Say I Am You, is just about perfect. Thanks to Landis over at the Two Dog Blog for that recommendation. Deb Talan's voice recalls Natalie Merchant or Harriet Wheeler, or maybe a young Joni Mitchell. Paired up with Steve Tannen, The Weepies are an intoxicating folk-rock quaff. The songs are just gorgeous.
  • Like Andrew, I cheated on my hair dude last week, and guys, I'm a little in love with Leticia (LaTisha?). I love my hair and she's so sassy! Unlike Andrew, I haven't full-on made the switch, though. Torn!
  • More later!


Ur-spo said...

my favorite part of Beowolf was the naked fight scene with all the objects in the way of seeing Mr. B's privates.

landis smithers said...

so glad you love the weepies. they just get better and better.

Michael said...

ur-spo, I agree. Nothing like a little comic relief from all the dismemberment.

landis, I can't get enough of her voice. Viele dank!