Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's the little things

There was a man in my office just now, eighty years old yesterday, and he was regaling me with stories from his life. He said, "I've had more fun than anyone has a right to." Wow. Can I say that? Can you? He had some great stories to tell, and boy did he have me laughing. Then he said, "Never lose that laugh and you'll be just fine." Now I'm thinking that I have a little bit. Lost that laugh, I mean. Like him, I used to have a lot more fun than anyone has a right to. He made me realize I need to continue making the changes that will get me back to being that man again. Pronto. I know life is not all about FUN or HAPPINESS, but it don't hurt. I also know that I have it awfully good compared to a lot of people, and I should cool it with the whining, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be trying to make my life MORE, right?

What a cool guy. "I've had more fun than anyone has a right to." I want to be able to say that if I get to 80. So I'll continue to dispense with the fear and move forward. I'll continue to distill my life down to what is important to me. And when I come up with a third "d" verb, I'll let you know, because DISPENSE and DISTILL are just screaming for a third musketeer. It takes THREE verbs to make a kick-ass life mantra. Fact! If you have a suggestion, hit me up in the comments. DISPENSE, DISTILL, DISCUSS is what I'm saying, I guess. ::wink:: Or whatever.


The Other Andrew said...

How cool! I think part of the equation is having the ability to stop and smell the flowers, you know? And that's the hard one, most of the time.

I saw a fab interview with Jerry Seinfeld on a local show here the other night, and he was talking about that. Actually, about how much he admired George Burns. That ability to be in the present and take joy from things. When you get a great cup of coffee, being able to take a moment and think "Man, that is a GREAT cup of coffee! How good is this coffee?!"

I think if you took a look at what that old chap had done in his life, it might be remarkable but it also might be that he just enjoyed the simple things. A lucky park. A good cup of coffee. Making some young guy smile and think about his life... :)

Michael said...

...but it also might be that he just enjoyed the simple things.

I agree. Hence the post title. I think we're onto something, kitten! If we, or I, could only remember it most of the time.

I actually think I do well at appreciating the little things. I mean, have you seen how I gush over books, movies, plays, food, haircuts and styling products, shoes.....? I still need to work on improving the overarching theme of this series, though, if it's gonna be a successful run with a satisfying conclusion and not just kind of fizzle out under the weight of its own mythology, no longer sustained on week to week intrigue. You know, like X-Files did.

The Other Andrew said...

Yeah, but if you get to have Duchovny in it then that's at least something, right?

(I mean, have you seen "Californication"? That dirty, dirty bird. I think I'm in love.)

Michael said...

He's a hot bitch....one of those guys who you just know is a nasty and wild fuck. Like when he's done with you, there's no question that you got done.