Wednesday, December 05, 2007

And that's the revolutionary Koz-tume for today

So I'm thinking dark jeans, that super-soft argyle sweater I picked up at the Banana, and a mushroom-y fine-wale corduroy blazer. And my favorite brown loafers, natch. What? Oh, I'm talking about what I'll wear to see Dave Koz and his merry band of holiday revelers on Saturday night. I have mentioned that I'm going to the see Dave Koz & Friends 10th Anniversary Smooth Jazz Christmas concert in Columbus this weekend at the Palace Theater, right? I'm sure I have.Kimberley Locke is along for the jingle-y ride, and I know it's a Christmas concert and everything, but do you suppose she'll sing "Band of Gold" anyway? After all, the crowd is sure to be full of Koz-mos, and you know there's nothing like a diva doing her dance hit to get the brethren going.

So what do you think? About Kimberley and about my outfit, I mean.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Should your silence be interpreted as indicating a wardrobe faux pas? OK, OK, how about grey flannel pants and a black turtleneck?

And if you haven't downloaded Kim's "Band of Gold", you're really missing something.