Thursday, December 06, 2007

I can still hear the screams

My own. I was a homeowner for something like 15 years with no vermin. I've rented for two months and last night I had a mouse in the house. Under the sink, in the little trashbin! At least he was conveniently pre-packaged for disposal. How soon do you think I can move?

The way my pants are fitting lately, I would have chosen famine over pestilence, but nobody asked.


freakgirl said...

Aw, it's so cute! ;)

Mel said...

Awww, little mousie.

Try living in a 300-year-old house. We actually caught a mole in our little Havahart trap we got for the meeses. Speaking of which, I need to reset the thing, 'cause I've been hearing them in the walls. Of course, when I dump them at the local state park now, they're gonna be mighty challenged to survive the cold and snow, but that's what Darwin was all about. And they won't be in my house until the next time.

Michael said...

I had him in that trash bin and what did I do? Did I run across the street where there wooded acreage? No, in my holyshiti'mholdingamouse panic, I tossed him onto the driveway and he ran immediately back into the garage. So I haven't seen the last of him, I'm sure.

A mole?!

FG, yes, cute, but not pooping under my sink.

Beau RN said...

Go for the Famine and the Pestilence and squeeze into that 22-inch waist you've always wanted.

Just set some Decon and be done with it. With winter setting in, you're going to have everything and it's brother coming in to get warm. The poison will take care of them and you won't have to worry about it.

Michael said...

Poison?! Then it goes off and dies who knows where. The great white hunter is gonna trap 'em. Truth be told, I'm hoping he was a lone wolf. Does there have to be a family? This apartment has some wooded acreage behind it, and farmland in front of it, so I may be doomed.

As for famine, I just want my 31s to feel comfy again.

Beau RN said...

With mice, where there is one, there is probably more. They tend to travel together and have no trouble sharing territory.

Go for the poison.

Michael Guy said...

I see a '...not a creature was stirring' holiday display in your future.

Tres adorable!

The Other Andrew said...

Ah takes me back to my little Ratus Ratus experience about 6 months ago. I think the shreik I let out was so loud I scared the poor creature half to death. I think "Jesus! CHILL THE FUCK OUT Mary! I'm just passing through." probably passed through its tiny brain.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

I used to have a mouse in my apt. in Westborough, Mass. I named him George. Little bugger figgured out where I kept the hamster food and was helping himself! He had NO. FEAR. He'd come waltzing into the living room in the evening while I was watching TV, wave "hi," and wander out again. We got along fine.

After I figured out what he was eating, I put the food in a metal cookie tin and he didn't come around any more. The best way to get rid of mice is figure out what they're after and get rid of that. Sounds like your guy is into the garbage, so buy a garbage can with a good lid that he can't get into. That should take care of it w/o poinson or traps. He won't come over if there's nothin to eat!

Michael said...

OMG, CB, you and mousey had a manner of detente.

I did as you suggest and stopped putting any food items in that little can under the sink, stuffed steel wool around all the plumbing and electrical stuff under there (at Freakgirl's suggestion) and then put a humane trap in the garage (where he ran once I tossed him and the garbage can contents onto the driveway). Lo these many days later, he took the bait! Last night the siren call of the saltine proved too much for him.