Friday, December 21, 2007

Count your blessings, lambs

I was speaking with a 79 year old woman just now. Lovely lady, although a crooked wig distracted from her fine features. Anyway, she said her stress has been very high. When I asked her about it, she said her husband has been in a nursing home for eight years, with Parkinson's and dementia, and now he doesn't recognize her anymore. So sad! THEN she said her favorite sister, who she's spoken with on the phone every night for as long as she can remember, came down with fungal pneumonia (needless to say, not good) three weeks ago and they are taking her off life support today. For Pete's sake. Right before Christmas? I couldn't help myself. We hugged it out.

Count your blessings, my lambs, and hug someone you love today.

Fuck me if these goddamned holidays don't make me maudlin every year!


freakgirl said...


Two of my friends have lost people close to them this week. So sad.

Hugs to everyone.

Michael said...

She said, "Who am I going to talk to now?" You should have seen her face.

I'm sorry about your friends.

Shower the people you love with love, y'all.

maddie said...

That just breaks my heart. I'm sorry about your friends too, fg.

I work at a senior community, where the average age of the residents is many sad stories around this time of year from such sweet people.

Cheer up, honeybunny.
Sending good feelings your way!

maddie said...

Darn it, it didn't print the whole address. Let's try again...