Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cooking with Koz

Yes, please! Dave does a segment on his drive time Smooth Jazz radio show where he shares some of his favorite quick, easy and delicious recipes. I've tried a few and they are all of the above. Brotha does love his pasta, though. Good thing he's all kinds of active on stage to burn that off. I think he ought to raffle off a chance to cook with Koz. Right? Should I win, do you think he would whisper Fusilli with Gorgonzola and Walnut Sauce in my ear? If I asked real nice? Poetry!

Just two more days until the Koz Christmas Express blows into Ohio to bring some cheer to Cowlumbus and parts near. They are going to be at the gorgeous Palace Theater. You should come! We'll have some warm alcoholic beverage together at intermission if you do. Verily I say unto you, "There might be cinammon sticks!" And peace and joy and whatnot.

PS I just noticed that I'm the #2 hit when you search blogs for Dave Koz. Oh, it's ON!


samuel said...

I'm worried about you. Is there someone nearby who can come and check your refrigerator for heads?

Michael said...

Dark-sided! Does it sound like I need a visit from the God Warrior?

It's all in good, harmless, non-stalkery fun. ;-)

freakgirl said...

The question is, how do you get yourself to #1?

Michael said...

I'm down to fifth or something, but DK has some exciting stuff going on....Grammy noms......Best of the Year List at

I'm a middle child, so I never did have to be the best anyway. Holla, Jan Brady! ;-)