Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kountdown to Koz

Yes, I spelled countdown with a "K". If you've lived in the rural Midwest for any time, as I have, you'll realize that EVERY hair salon owner for 100 miles does wacky shit like that, so why, oh why, can't I? Korner Kutz. The Mane Attraction. Hair Root 66. And that's just in my neighborhood.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, KOZ! If you've been around here much, you know I raved about the Dave Koz concert I enjoyed this summer at the Fraze Pavilion. OK, yes, I did gush a bit, but DK has so much energy on stage (see: frisky kick), and it might sound strange, but I swear it's like he's singing through the saxophone. If I may borrow a phrase from Tiffany "New York" Patterson, I was totally feelin' him. Plus, adorable!Right? He's making some bold choices with that suit which speaks to his temperament, I think. It also speaks to my pants. Fact! So, I'm seeing him again this weekend at his holiday concert tour stop in Columbus. Anyone up for stagedoor johnny-ing him with me? Sounds dirtier than it is, yo.So that means ALL WEEK I'll be plugging his tour, his CD, his radio show, and possibly even his website, all the while keeping a respectable distance, naturally.

Do you think this might score me a backstage pass or something?

I know he has fan clubs, but I wonder if there's one specifically targeting our tribe. Cuz I've totally got the perfect name: The Koz-mos. See what I did?

Dave Koz, y'all!


freakgirl said...

Shameless! I love it.

Have fun!!!

Michael said...

No sense in being coy, right? Or at least not as much fun.

samuel said...

You're so cute.

The Other Andrew said...

Too funny! "Speaks to my pants" is my new motto.

maddie said...

I was at a comedy show last night at a theater in Sarasota, FL, and just happened to be flipping through the program, when...Dave Koz! Performing Dec. 5th! I'm sorry I missed him this time, but I will definitely look for him when he returns to SW Florida.

Here's hoping you get your backstage pass to meet the talented Kutie Koz!