Thursday, December 20, 2007

You better get to livin', givin', don't forget to throw in a little forgivin'

I've been loving all over Dolly's new song since Freakgirl posted the video (the extended version with Miss Amy Sedaris!) on her blog. Who doesn't love them some Dolly? I'm askin'. Then yesterday on Towleroad, I saw a few snippets of the interview she did recently with Jake Shears. Too much fabulousness on one satin-y bed spread!

God, I don't know who I'd wanna hug first. OK, yeah, Dolly, but Jake is SO CUTE.


The Other Andrew said...

I want to make dirty monkey sex with Jake Shears. There, I've said it.

jason said...

Sorry boys, but by the looks of his face, Jake is completely in love with Dolly.
Can't say I blame him, though.

Michael said...

I'm glad you said it first, Andrew. I mean, I've loved him and his fellow Sisters of the Scissors, but I never knew he was SO EFFING ADORABLE! He seems starstruck by Dolly. Like if she said, "You may worship me kneecaps to nethers now, he'd be "How long, goddess?" Or something. Gah. Now I'm all bothered. Not like Eeyore "Oh, bother," but like "bother me quick and bother me raw, no OJ and no straw."

Jason, exactly! Part of the appeal, non?