Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Faux Twitter

6:30-11:30 Work/Feign work
11:30-12:30 Work out/Fantasize about not even remotely hot dudes at the Y
12:30-3:30 Clean/Pay bills/Check items off list I haven't made yet which moves me toward important and necessary life changes/Play Wii instead of that list thing
3:30-4:00 Run 3 miles with 3x2 minute pickups
4:00-5:30 Beat it/Shower/Read
5:30-6:30 Cobble together dinner
6:30-7:40 Lost time/Unaccountable
7:40-8:30 Yoga
8:30-??? Wanna come over?


sam said...

Yes. But next time, don't "beat it" first.

Michael said...

Well, if I knew you were coming.

Chips O'Toole said...

I am SO glad to hear someone admit to some of those things. Before the kid arrived, I did the work/feign work thing all day, the mrs and I usually cobbled together dinner, and there was always the unaccountable time in there somehwere, so when someone would ask what I did last night or something, I could honestly say "I don't know...I was awake, doing something, I guess, but I have no deia what. time passed, that much I know."

but now with Junior, every minute is taken up. hell, it took us three sittings to watch the entirety of the film Control.

landis smithers said...

see. i had no idea they made janet's "control" into a movie.

the things you learn on this blog.

Chips O'Toole said...

admittedly, it was better than "Rhythm Nation: the movie!"

Michael said...

RE: Rhythm Nation movie
It had its weaknesses, but I applaud them for never revealing what those keys opened. We talked about that for days.

Chips, that Twitter was a prediction, and all too prescient.

Say hi to Junior for me.