Thursday, June 05, 2008

You're feenin' to blaze up and taste me

  • The half-marathon went well. I was using it (with hope) as a long training run for the Chicago Marathon. I finished about six seconds faster than last year. Yes, 13.1 miles and my time was six seconds from last year, when I was in much better shape and about ten pounds lighter. Not sure what to take from that other than the run served its purpose. And I got to hang out with some of my favorite people in Ann Arbor. Oh, and eat at Zingerman's Roadhouse, which, if you haven't, remedy that if you're ever in town. If you're into deli food, or just good ol' American fare, especially breakfast, you'll thank me after. Their Dutch doughnuts are freakishly good. And if I tell you I ordered an omelette with, among other things, oysters, will you think less of me?
  • My friends, both dear and far, old and young, will freely discuss their sexual perversions and deviations with me at the drop of a martini. I suppose it might be because I'm a good listener, or that I keep their confidence, but I suspect it's because I'm the token fag in my social circle and they figure if I'm in to putting my weiner in some dude's no-no hole, I'm down with anything. False. My ears can only handle so much pussy talk. If you talk about your Bahamian resort straighty daisy chain, I'll focus enough to animate my face, but my mind will have escaped to less graphically hetero pastures.
  • It's fun to bemoan the status of customer service these days, but if you haven't served the customers, give it a try sometime, then get back to me. Folks have an astounding sense of entitlement. The customer is always right? Sorry, you "I got stuck at every light/behind a school bus" dickwads, they're not. Not here. Not automatically. First, be polite, on time, and reasonable, then we'll talk.
  • If you're a Hillary Clinton supporter and now you're saying you'll vote for John McCain (or at least won't vote for Barack Obama), I'm not saying you're a racist, but.......OK, actually I am.
  • OMB, Patti Lupone just sang Some People from Gypsy (the website rawks) on The View. Need. NOW. ::checks calendar::
  • I sweated more while running three miles at lunch just now, than I did when running 13.1 on Sunday. As Grandma used to say, it is SULTRY, yo.


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Good job on the half-marathon.

And you're right. When I was a barista, the customer was usually wrong. Almost always.

freakgirl said...

Congrats on the half-marathon!

You just need to start telling your friends similar stories. True or made-up, who cares, but I bet you could send them screaming right up a tree if you properly applied yourself.

Michael said...

Thanks, Doc. Mostly I think people are rude and demanding, and unless they demonstrate common courtesy, they should expect me to suck their ass.

Thanks, FG. It was a fun day. You're right. As long as they're throwing decorum to the wind, why not? I might even have one or two true stories to curl their toes. They did mine at the time.

freakgirl said...

I will personally hunt down and put my foot up the ass of any Clinton supporter who defects to McCain. MY FOOT, THEIR ASS.


Michael said...

Right? It's driving me batshit crazy. Does not make a lick of sense. Of course, "sense" is a lofty standard for some people I know.

I'm hoping that emotions are running high right now and cooler heads will prevail by November.

Jeffrey Cufaude said...

Patty is simply amazing in the show. I have to go back to NYC and see it again. Wanna go?

susie said...

How can someone go from Hillary to McCain? DOES NOT COMPUTE. If McCain wins the general election, I might have a nervous breakdown. I'm not kidding.

I am totally going to see La Lupone in Gypsy. But first I have to get my ass to see Rent, which, I'm embarrassed to admit, I have never seen.

And nice job on the half-marathon. I'm in awe.

Michael said...

Jeffrey, of course I'll go with you, tall, dark stranger.

Susie, get on it, bitch. You have RENT tickets? Is it selling out now? I know I go on and on, but seeing Rapp and Pascal back again last fall was sublime. Say what you will about RENT, the harmonies are ALIVE.

MUST. SEE. LUPONE. On The View she said she didn't pursue the other roles for which she's famous. This she needed to do. Gah!

Susie said...

No, it's not selling out, but the run ends Sept. 7. They extended it -- I think it was supposed to end this month. I may have a hard time finding someone to go with, though, because my husband loathes musicals, and everyone else has already seen it!

Michael said...

Trust that I will go with you if I make it there for Gypsy this summer. I'll have to check the US Open dates. I'm def. going to that, but it might be too late.

Of course, airfares are getting CRAZY, so it's not as easy to just pop in!

jason said...

with the endurance in the half marathon...and the hetero-sex-talk (full) marathon both.

sam said...

you could tell them about that time with the slinky and the raincoat.

Jeffrey Cufaude said...

More blonde than dark, but definitely tall (6'6").

Shoot me an email (indytallguy [at] yahoo [dot]] com if you're serious about Gypsy and we can chat. I've got oodles of frequent flyer miles or hotel points we could use to make the trip more affordable.