Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bullet the blue sky

  • I'm not a gamer and I don't have a high-def tv, so why was I still tempted by the one remaining $599 Playstation 3 that was in stock at my Target yesterday? Thankfully, reason (and my still vacation-bloated VISA) won out.
  • Babel or Letters from Iwo Jima? I mean, which should I see instead of watching that football thingy?
  • I am still truly, madly, deeply in love with Mika. You should/will be, too. The bloom won't be off this rose for a long time, but there is just one little thing. It's no big deal or anything. Not even worth mentioning. Well, it's just that his website features a link to Perez Hilton.
  • I saw the DCDC's Colorography: The Dances of Jacob Lawrence last night. I've had very little exposure to contemporary dance in a live venue. I was a little worried I wouldn't "get it." I'm not sure I did, but irrespective of any missed themes, I found it joyful and powerful and sad and moving and altogether delightful. OK, I'll confess what put my ass in the seat was that I discovered my very favorite unbelievably gorgeous salesmorsel from Banana Republic (you know, the one who made me buy this, not because I looked so good in it, but because he did) is actually one of the lead dancers.
  • I'm not a bath guy (that brief restroomguy646 period, notwithstanding), and yet I have two tubs. The one off my bedroom is unmanageably large and by the time it fills, my water heater is spent and I'm over it. The other tub fills expediently, but I'm left deciding which half of me will be submerged at any one time. I can be creative in a pinch (and....bottoms up!), but I'm there to relax. Still, I had the LUSH Ne Worry Pas bath bomb (free with purchase!) to use up, so I partook of la petite tub this week. Totally worked, guys. No. Worries. And my therapist said this day would never come. All you LUSH hatas? You can suck it.
  • I guess that's all for now.


q60sgirls said...

Oh!!!! my kids are amazed you have the Playstation 3 out already! But naturally you always seem to get everything first when you are on top it seems ;)

However they did get a Wii at Christmas from the ex. Because we already had a Wi-Fi USB connector to play others cyber friends via the net when they play the Nintendo DS games, they can now use it to connect the internet to the television and all three of the Nintendo DS games. Argh!

They tell me all these things and i buy them (although they aren't spoilt by any means, they have acquired this stuff over the years). Nevertheless i remain rather oblivious to how it all works they are way ahead of moi.

And me, well i am simply pleasantly waiting for the impending brain tumours that will come like Bree from Desperate Housewives.

Good morning Michael darlin'.

freakgirl said...

I got unreasonably irritated at Mika when I saw that link to Perez on his website.

I LOVE taking baths, and our tub is just not big enough. If I want my knees underwater, then I have to sit up straight, and how fun is it taking a bath when your boobs are chilly? Not fun.

q60sgirl said...

@ freakgirl: ain't that the truth so not fun, knees in versus boobs out. I agree 'tis chilly.

freakgirl said...

I fantasize about someday living in a house that has a giant bathtub with a comfy headrest, a holder for my wineglass, and an iPod docking station.

Is that too much to ask?

Michael said...

That's what I'm saying, girls! If I could submerge it'd be fine, but when you're 6'1", it ain't happening, and I just can't be bothered to wait a half hour while the other tub fills. Now, if I had someone to share it's got jets and a big tile deck around it, so you could have goblets and wine and cheeses and a tv and whatever other acoutrement tickled your fancy. Takers?

q60sgirl said...

Well naturally count moi in, but a big, big tub uh-huh. Cause when one has to gather up bubbles around one's boobs to stay warm and cosy it ain't fun.

When my eldest had surgery i stayed in temporary rooms where the old nurses quarters use to be. They had a HUGE bath and when you sat in it the thing was practically level with your shoulders. Anyhoo i filled the thing up thinking ....wonderful....lotsa bubbles. In in hopped and as i laid back to rest i floated up like a darn submarine, i was 8 months pregnant with the next child. SOOOOO sad and annoying. A beautiful moment ruined by an attached floatation device :P

So Michael you are 6'1". I am 5'9".

Michael Guy said...

Could you elaborate on the bit about one getting one's fancy tickled?

:: spitting into diving goggles ::

Michael said...

Q, so it's a fine line between not big enough and too much? Isn't that always the way?

MG, save some spit.

q60sgirl said...

Michael: honey such a fine line, ya know being big enough and long enough... xx

MG: cute but i just have this really strong feeling call it intuition if you must, that Michael ain't thinking about goggles. But sure save that never know xx

The Other Andrew said...

There are advantages to being 5'4", I'm just sayin'. The Adelaide ex and I had a spa bath, and by the time that sucker filled I was OVER IT, just like you said. At least I could do laps in the thing. (Make of that what you will.)

I saw a video clip of a song by Mika on Saturday morning. Dude. Can I just say, the link to Perez Hilton came as no surprise. I mean this more as a compliment than a criticism, but I think Mika is down with The Gays. You know what I'm saying? Cute song. Cute boy, but he needs to eat a sandwich or six.

q60sgirl said...

TOA: are you so serious you are 5'4"? i mean i know i had to lean forward to hug you last time, beautiful man. And you said to me "i am so sorry i am short" and i said something like "i am okay with short". Really i should simply say i am so sorry for being tall. Luv you xx

Anyhoo days of my life - off to the GP with one of the kids...