Sunday, February 04, 2007

We're destined in the sky (redux)

Remember the Free Will Astrology guy from last week? If I promise this won't become a weekly feature, will you let me share one more? This week he has kindly offered to write a personal ad for me.
Slapstick thinker with refined sensibilities seeks a saintlike sinner with insanely cool style for a long-distance joyride toward the outskirts of Nirvana. Established meditation practice and a good bedside manner are desirable. Would it be too much to ask that you might also have a high level of emotional intelligence without boring me to death with your maturity? Is it possible that you'll be an entertaining talker who also knows how to listen with your wild heart turned up all the way? Let's keep reinventing ourselves forever.
Yes, please. Form an orderly line to the right. To expedite things, slip out of your shirt while you're waiting.

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