Friday, February 23, 2007

Can't knock 'em out, can't walk away

Hot. As. Fuck.
Later, they both had their shirts off. I'm not a fight fan, but Oscar De La Hoya has always pumped my nads (as a good friend is wont to say). And this Mayweather dude makes me want to put my mouth on him.


q60sgirl said...

Cute and straight from the mouth :) i have no idea who he is but you are funny, don't hold back "put my mouth on him"?!

Michael said...

I'm just being honest.

q60sgirl said...

Its the best policy ;)

Michael Guy said...

Oscar De La Hoya has been on my hottie radar for some time. Maybe I'm confusing him with another boxer...but didn't he cut an album or something? Music video? I recall some stud-muffin boxer-type that had some singing ability. Mayb I'm imagining this. I often do.

But I'd still be the mayo in their sandwich any day.