Monday, May 07, 2007

I bet you look good on the dance floor

  • The other day I got home from the gym and I stripped to my shorts and then checked my look in the mirror. I fleetingly thought, "Yeah, I'd do me." Think straight guys do that? Not that I think I'm all that, mind you, but I would. Do me. OMG. Does that mean I finally love myself? Nah, more like I've had a long dry spell that needs moistening and I'm not that choosy right now.
  • I have a huge crush on this girl at my salon. She has a great name. She is just as cute as a button. She's got great style; kind of understated boho chic. She was over the moon when I mentioned the new "The Beales of Grey Gardens" DVD, and when I shared it with her, she glowed upon hearing that they interview the present day Jerry, and he drives a cab in NYC. Oh, and she asked how I was liking Barak Obama's book, and as I leafed through the pages while responding, she noticed my Frank Lloyd Wright inspired bookmark and asked me if I'd seen his Westcott House in Springfield. Ummm, yeah! Finally, and possibly best of all, her grandparents were in the theater. So adorable. Love her. (Jen, she was our waitress that night)
  • Like my dear Andrew, I have blood work scheduled this week. Do you think a six martini, three cupcake weekend can ruin my numbers? I'm actually having a heart profile done. I think it'll be bloodwork, some dietary and lifestyle analysis, EKG and I'm not sure what else. I sometimes imagine that I'm the guy who will be found blue and cold on some running path and they'll say, "He always seemed so healthy!". And then they'll shrug and go about their business. Maybe a clean bill of heart health will quell at least this one of my recurrent fears, cuz lord knows they are legion.


Jen said...

Yes, I totally second the adorable on that waitress.

Hey, I hope everything goes well with the vampires -- take your new dildo and let it comfort you in your time of need. :)

Michael said...

Yeah, she is.

I know my cholesterol and blood chemistry is good because it hasn't been that long since I had it checked, but I'm curious about the EKG. I've had abnormalities in the past, and it's been 10 years or more since I checked. Dildo won't be of comfort as my latex cock will still be in the hands of the UPS man. Mmmm.

freakgirl said...


The Other Andrew said...

I think I saw that film with the UPS man and the latex... oh maybe not.

Good luck with the bloods. I await the bad news this Friday. Hey, better living through pharmeceuticals, right?


Michael said...

Freakgirl, so gah.

Andrew, I think it's coming regular post anyway and you haven't seen my mailman, but trust me, you do NOT wanna see that video.

I'm not so worried about the blood numbers, but I'll have to take off my shirt for the EKG and I have a zit on my back.

The Other Andrew said...

Is your doctor hot? Like MenAtPlay doctor hot?

If not, so who cares about a little old zit, right? At least it's not on your ass.

Michael said...

I haven't met him yet, but from the looks of his name, he's Indian. ;-)

So when we get drunk together, you want I should bring my stethoscope?

The Other Andrew said...

Oh yeah. And the white coat.

Ur-spo said...

lay off the cupcakes they are bad for the complexion.

Michael said...

ur-spo, I know! Guilt storm, but it was a CUPCAKE MOUNTAIN with a little climber scaling the side of it (my nephew is an accomplished climber) and there was chocolate mountain base and then snow-capped vanilla cupcake top and...and....I know!

Andrew, ahhhh, MAP Medical. Genius! Now I'm left to think of Carl all morning here at work. Dear, sweet, ENTHUSIASTIC Carl. Not sure if you caught his tour de force performance in the coyly titled Sex On Set but good night in the mornin' is he enthusiastic in that one.

freakgirl said...

If you can't enjoy a cupcake every once in awhile, life isn't all that fun.

Lay off the guilt, it's bad for the complexion. ;)

Michael said...

I do agree, darling, that guilt and inner turmoil were at the root of my recent skin condition.

Those cupcakes were dee-lish, but the mountain itself was kinda ho-hum so I didn't take pictures for you.