Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big boy, come on around, and they'll be calling you baby

Ugh. I'm kinda sad clown today. OK, I'm actually ridiculously, extravagantly sad clown today. For no good reason. I gotta say, this helps. Wasn't Mika supposed to take the whole country by storm, and not just my fancy pants? I'm looking forward to Ugly Betty coming back.

In other Betty news, I would have killed to be at the recent celebrity charity auction where they were treated to Michael Urie (Mark) and Becki Newton (Amanda) performing You Don't Bring Me Flowers as Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand. You KNOW there was a catfight over who got which part. Oh, and America Ferrera did something from Gypsy while Jerry O'Connell danced. In skimpy drag. Who does a brother have to blow to get invited to these things?


freakgirl said...

Buck up, little camper!

At least we know that Mika will be ours forever, since America doesn't seem to want him.

Michael said...

He's in good company, I guess (see: Robbie).

I was accused recently of being attached to the melancholy, which I deny. Hate it.

The Other Andrew said...

I read some hatin' on Mika from The Gays, because he's been quoted as doing some serious fence sitting on the are you?, aren't you? guestion. Eh, don't these people have eyes and ears?

(Although, I do think he should come out though.)

Anyhoo, Betty has finished the season here too and I'm teh sad clown also. 7.30 Sunday nights are dead air quite frankly in comparison. At least we have the (delayed) start of So You Think You Can Dance next, which will let me get my gay on.

Michael said...

I think Betty starts here again within a month.

Like you say...do people have eyes and ears? I don't care about him "coming out." The whole non-denial thing (holla Anderson!) is kind of boring, but it's a bit unfair for that to be the focus, especially when someone is trying to establish their career. Like TR said, right? I hope it's not the most interesting thing about me.