Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The sun is shining, c'mon get happy!

The sun was definitely shining last Thursday when I was queued up for the Rufus Wainwright concert over in lovely Cowlumbus, Ohio. 100F, people. And SULTRY, as my Grandma Bets was so fond of saying. I can't seem to organize my thoughts today, so it's bullet points, k?
  • I was very pleased to discover that Rufus' voice is so strong and clear and beautiful. It's a unique instrument, and I wondered how he'd sound outside a recording studio, especially in an outdoor venue. The answer: marvelous. And he had a horn section. 'Nuf said.
  • The set was taken heavily from his latest album, Release The Stars, which was fine by me as it's been the soundtrack of most of my summer. The highlight for me was Between My Legs, but that was tempered by the realization that I totally should have submitted a YouTube video to audition for the spoken word portion of that song. The blonde/bland girl that won was OK, but nowhere near as theatrical as was called for. If RW is coming to your town, send a video in and show folks how it should be done, homos.
  • After a brief intermission, Rufus came back out in lederhosen. Yay! He did a series of songs which he connected with some anecdotes, forming a "European" set. But the encores, pets, oh, the encores! When my man came out in a fluffy, white robe to do a song with the band and then a few solo at the piano, I felt the night was complete. So, so wrong.
  • Picture it. Rufus, still in his white robe, sits on a chair at center stage. The lights go out but for a spotlight on him. The band noodles around in the dark while he reaches into a bag to put on a sparkly ring. Then matching earrings. Then red lipstick. Then black pumps. He stands and turns. The spotlight goes off. He drops the robe, and when the lights come up, he's JUDY. This Judy, all longs legs and stockings. It's kind of a blur after that. I think I may have passed out for a few seconds, but I do remember him launching into C'mon Get Happy, and I did. I forgot my troubles and I got happy, y'all. Best encore I've seen in forever. Maybe it was the stockings and heels, but brother's got some stems.


J.Go said...

I caught RW (my second fave RW, mind you) years ago in Boston. He opened for Tori Amos, but he was no second fiddle. He was just a guy at a piano, but he was brilliant. The tone of his voice is just amazing live. Glad you had a good time, handsome.

Michael said...

I actually hesitated and put on my quizzical face for a second before I realized who RW#1 is. And then the shame. Of course!

I had a great time, but would DIE to see him alone at the piano. Alas, those days are probably over.

Handsome. Heh. You flatter me, kid.

((OMG, J.Go stopped by!))

The Other Andrew said...

Unique instrument! Horn section! Anyone?


Sorry, I felt like I had to ratchet it down a few notches.

Michael said...

Oh dear. I gushed?

The Other Andrew said...

Gushing! Anyone?


willnyc said...

Ain't there anyone here for love? No seriously ... I just found your blog and I like you lots. Great tone: happy and passionate rising above the stultifying calmness of midwestern life. Kind of like artsy gay americana? Anyway, come to NYC some time and we'll go on an amazing run. I totally covet your new trainers.
RW has an amazing voice - but as a stage director I have to say - who were those backup "dancers?" Lesbian volunteers from the audience? Yeesh!

Michael said...

Well, aren't you the sweetest thing. Thanks to you, I LOVE my tone now!

As for those backup dancers, I believe they are his band, since the music for that song is canned.

And I'd love to go on an amazing run in your fair town, willnyc. I'm getting in the shower right now and then I'll fly out. No, seriously, I'm spending my holiday there. Maybe next time?

Michael said...

Oh, and I'm gonna try to work "artsy gay Americana" into a tattoo somehow.

Or maybe just into the blog header.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

I have no idea who Rufus Wainwhatsit is, but that was FABulous! There are few things in this world more joyful to watch than someone of talent blatantly LOVING what they're doing, and he was clearly having the time of his life (as were his band/dancers, who were clearly having fun being silly/camp/incompetant.) I'm going to go look for more RW music right now. Thanks for sharing!