Monday, August 27, 2007

Day will break and you'll awake and start to bake

It's the other side of the world where my buddy Andrew lives. He's probably sleeping, but since he's tapped into the gay collective unconscious (as we all are), he's also probably pup-tenting the sheets right now, though he may not know exactly why until morning. (click to enlarge)
Wentworth Miller and Luke McFarlane have a stroll. I'm not reading anything into it. Just enjoying the breezy moment.
Luke! I am your Daddy!
OK, I couldn't resist.


maddie said...

*gasp* *thud*

Michael said...


The Other Andrew said...

OK, so you know I belong to the Luke MacFarlane fan group on Yahoo, right? Oh yes I do. MUCH talk about Wentworth happening over there. Like you, we aren't reading too much into it either, but fantasies of hot monkey sex are rife.

If I wasn't tenting the sheets before, I am now! I kind of feel bad for T.R. though... not that we're making any assumptions, natch.

Kong said...

lol, you guys are too funny (yes, you Andrew and Michael).

Maintainer of Luke MacFarlane Online

Ur-spo said...

the gay collective unconscious - i must have dozed off in psych class for that one!