Thursday, August 16, 2007

Time... I've been passing time watching trains go by

It's interesting, because my commitment right now to putting all the cards on the table, professionally speaking, is a commitment to myself to write a new script. I realized that this 10-year-old boy--I'm talking about me--wrote my life script. OK, this is a part of me, but I'm just going to keep it dormant. I'm just going to push it down, push it away, and I'm going to be able to fill that void with other things.

Huh. Not just me, then. That's Dave Koz, 42, jazz saxophonist. I saw him last week at the Fraze Pavilion, here in beautiful Dayton, Ohio. Laugh if you will at my proclivity for SMOOTH JAZZ/INSTRUMENTAL POP, but he put on a great show. Loved it. He had David Benoit along on piano (genius!), as well as the vocal stylings of the lovely Kelly Sweet (has a current ADULT CONTEMPORARY hit with Raincoat) and Phil Perry. Phil Perry blew the roof off the place, y'all. His take on It Might Be You (Theme from Tootsie) rocked my socks (India Arie sings it on Dave's new CD). I went alone, natch, but quickly bonded with the strong black woman next to me. She was all vocal and shit during that song. You know, like suddenly hollering "Sing, Phil!" and "That's it! That's it!" She was almost as fun as the show.

Later, when Dave's bass player did a Theme from Shaft bit, I may have squealed. As you will. My sister smacked me and said, "You don't even know Shaft, you young thing." Wait. You mean you're gonna be fun AND act like I'm not even 40? Well then you leave me no choice but to love you.

Good, good show and a really interesting guy, Dave Koz. He's a Grammy-nominated artist, co-owns an independent record company, hosts an afternoon radio show, and does some really cool humanitarian work for kids. Something's telling me it might be you, Dave.
Time... I've been passing time watching trains go by
All of my life...
Lying on the sand, watching seabirds fly
Wishing there would be
Someone waiting home for me...


The Other Andrew said...

a) He's adorable, b) I love that sort of music and c) I think I want to be BFF with your seating neighbour. Sounds like a nice night, wish I'd been there. I'd have a squeee at "Shaft" to, but then they always have that effect on me.

Michael said...

a) Isn't he? And he does this little frisky kick sometimes while he's playing that just makes you wanna knock him down and drag him back to your cave.
b) You do? For the love of babyjesus, we're worse than fucking David and Maddie....when are we gonna do it already?
c) Me, too. When she punched me in the arm and said I was too young to remember Shaft? Like five sequins fell off her top.

The Other Andrew said...

I think you and I need to be BFF, and she can be our fruitfly.

Michael said...

As long as BFFs get to BoFF every once in a while, sure.

dave koz said...

hi--this is Dave Koz, a friend emailed me your blog, Michael. Gotta say it made my day. It's not everyday people readily admit in public that they like smooth jazz. (although some of my best friends are Smooth jazz fans). Go ahead, come out of the closet--there's a whole world waiting for made the all important first step! Glad you and your "sister" enjoyed the show in Kettering. And fyi, those of us on stage LOVE when the audience talks back to us. (it even makes my leg kick more!) Best to you, and come back and see us again.

Michael said...

Dave? Fer reals? I'm plotzing over here.

I had a great time at your show, and never mind seeing you again next year, I'm thinking of selling all my shit and following your tour around, Deadhead-style.

Seriously, before last week's show I thought my love for smooth jazz might be a choice, but now I know I was born this way.

Thanks for stopping! Now I'm off to buy the Koz back catalog.

Anonymous said...

it's me. And i hope the back catalog doesn't disappoint. I think i was born a smooth jazz lover's taken me 44 yrs to be proud of it all, but i am there now, baby!! you're very funny. take care.

Michael said...

Well, you just made my day right back, Homes. I'm sure I'll enjoy working my way through your back catalog (ahem!), and not only that, DK at the Movies is now in heavy rotation in my workplace. I'm spreading the word, brother.

Christmas in Cleveland, yo!