Thursday, August 16, 2007

I feel the tension in my lungs and every move is fueled by my resolve to breathe

I've toyed with the idea of tagging my posts (such as they are), but I think that would show that they're 85% cute boys, with the remaining 15% a hodgepodge of music, books and shopping. I realize it, but I'm not sure I want to see it in black and white, you know? Although it does give you a fairly good idea of how dinner conversation would be with me.

Anyway, here's a shopping one. I picked up these beauties over the weekend and ran in them for the first time today. They are the new Nike Zoom RS+.I know! So pretty. They are very light and the ZOOM cushioning is nice. Definitely not the soft ride you get from true Nike AIR, though, so I'll be using them for shorter runs (less than 5 miles) or when I need to feel fast. Notice I didn't say I'd actually BE fast. So yes, they feel good, and yes, they fit well, but I think my favorite thing about them is they make me feel like even though most of me is in rural Ohio, from the ankles down I'm in Toontown.

I'm not faggy, I'm just drawn that way. ::wink::

Oooh, mind if I tack on some MOVIE and CUTE BOY onto this post? I just noticed that The Lookout is now on DVD. If you missed this Joseph Gordon-Levitt noirish thriller when it was in the theaters, by all means check it out on video. Suspenseful! And Jeff Daniels continues his recent hot streak (hot as in "good acting", I mean).


The Other Andrew said...

I've really admired J G-L since I saw him in Mysterious Skin. That boy has the acting cops, yessir.

Michael said...

Acting cops? Is that more of your quaint Aussie lingo?

Joey G is excellent in this flick. Like, he's got the acting cops AND robbers. That good.

I still haven't seen Mysterious Skin. I know, I know.

The Other Andrew said...

Errr, typo queen here. "acting cHops" that was supposed to be.

You must see Mysterious Skin! But you know that already.