Monday, August 20, 2007

We're after the same rainbow's end

For me, this weekend was all about the movies. May I share?

First, the soundtrack for my weekend was At The Movies, the latest release from my boi Dave Koz. You know, the guy I saw in concert? Totally talented and totally adorable? The one who stopped by Pipedreams last week? (!!!!) You heard me. For a few minutes, there were zero degrees of separation between me and Dave Koz. There was no need for Kevin Bacon to be involved at all. Although.......Yep, that guy. I picked up some of his old stuff and I'm finishing off the summer floating down his smooth jazz river, my hand lazily dipped into his saxy, where was I? Oh yeah, the movies.

Becoming Jane, stars Anne Hathaway as the titular Jane (Austen), and if you need CATEGORIES, it's a chick flick. But a brainy one. And with accents. Yeah, I know. PERFECT for me. Turns out that a movie about Jane's young life plays out pretty much like a movie based on the young life of one of Jane's heroines. Jane had a star-crossed Pride and Prejudice-style love all her own, with Tom LeFroy taking the role of her real-life Mr. Darcy.Lefroy is played by the boyishly handsome James McAvoy and I spent a good portion of this movie wondering what else I knew him from. A quick googling and all was revealed. Mr. Tumnus! From half man/half beast to hotheaded sexy beast. Nice! If you like seeing Jane Austen novels adapted to the screen, you'll like seeing her actual life up there at least as much.

OK, a little bird, a Little Sparrow specifically, tells me that we have two more movies to go, but no time right now. Curse my workaday life! The next movie is about said bird and I'll give you a heads up: she crazy. She makes Judy Garland look like a Girl Scout. Like a Mormon Girl Scout. Is there such a thing? And the last movie I saw this weekend....well, I bet you can guess, because we're all in this together. Stay tuned!


maddie said...

You say movies, I appear! I forget, have you seen Hairspray yet? I've seen it twice, and cannot wait to possess the dvd. Such a happy movie.

Bourne Ultimatum. AWESOME. Saw that this weekend.

Going to see Becoming Jane on Thursday with my mom. James McAvoy is one of my new favorites. He was fantastic in The Last King of Scotland and Starter for 10. So cute, he is. Can't wait to see him in Penelope in the winter.

Michael said...

I haven't been blogging lately, Maddie, but yeah, I've seen Hairspray and Bourne Ultimatum. I especially loved Bourne. Greengrass is a genius. I'm not a huge action guy, as you know, but he does it better than anyone else. I know a lot of people don't want to see it, but I think his United 93 was one of the best movies I've seen the last few years.

Hairspray? I LOVED the play, but I was a little distracted by John Travolta in the movie, I must say. Still really good, though. I was blown away by James Marsden, though. I did NOT know he had that in him. Nice.

You'll love Becoming Jane. You have to stop back and discuss. James McAvoy is teh sexy in it. Should I check out one of those other movies of his you mention?

maddie said...

Bourne was really fantastic. The way it ended, too - sequel? I loved the first 2, but I think this one was put together so well. The way they worked up to the moment in the 2nd movie where he spoke to Pam? Awesome. I think Greengrass did the best job so far.

Hairspray - John Travolta was a little distracting, his scenes with Christopher Walken were a tad creepy, but I couldn't help but laugh when he was on screen. Especially when he said iron. I don't know why. I adored Miss Amanda Bynes in the movie - I think she almost stole the show. Hilarious. And Zac Efron is so cute in a cradle-robbing sort of way. :)

I would check out both of those James McAvoy films - Starter for Ten is a british John Hughes type teen movie, really cute, and he is so sexy naive hot in Last King of Scotland, and Forest Whitaker is something to see in that.

Is the last film you saw Stardust? Or another film not open where I am? I'm curious.

I saw Children of Men finally this weekend, wow, what a depressing movie. I saw Zodiac also, which was very good, the writing is fantastic and the cast is amazing.

I will stop back after seeing Becoming Jane this week...since Pride and Prejudice is currently my favorite movie, I'm sure I'll love it.

On the music front - have you heard of Wisely? I found him through another site and found a new favorite song - "Through Every Window." So great.

K, enough novel, I'm off to do work now. :)

Michael said...

Maddie, yes, I saw Stardust, but not last weekend. Mmmmm, I was disappointed. Did you see it? I'm tragic for the book (and Neil Gaiman generally), so the movie was kind of set up for a fall. Big budget, a few big stars, but it all seemed slapped together. Nowhere near the charm of the book.

Never heard of Wisely, but I'll check him out now. And Last King of Scotland as well.

maddie said...

I didn't see Stardust yet, I'll probably rent it by the time I get around to it. It seemed to be the kind of movie that has these huge stars that can't save it from being mediocre. Ah, well.

Michael said...

It could have been great, but yeah, totally rental. On a slow day. God, I love that book, though. Charming and magical. Fallen stars, fairies, pirates, witches....