Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We have lived and dreamed, we two alone

Time for more movies! But first (holla, Julie Chen!), I'd like to inject a personal note. My house is still on the market, people. I know, I know, it's only been three weeks and it's a tragically soft market, but patience? She requires a certain depth of character, and well, you've met me, right? Anyway, quite a few lookers, but no offers as of yet. Two more showings tonight, though, so wish me luck. Maybe I need to do one of those cleansing rituals, Jeff Lewis-stizz. "Time to get some new candles!" was such a great line from Ryan, Jeff's present business partner/former sexy-time partner. He's teh compact hotness, non? Love him. And Jenni, the saucer-eyed assistant with a penchant for speaking in acronyms...love her, too. And don't get me started on Jeff's inflated lips. No love. PS? If you haven't been watching Flipping Out on BRAVO, oh darling, do so at your first convenience.

Oh yeah, movies. La Vie En Rose. See it. I was only peripherally aware of Edith Piaf before. Yes, my name is Mike, and I am a Philistine. Lambs, she is my new queen. The Little Sparrow was the French Judy Garland, entrancing a nation with her unique voice and riveting stage presence, while suffering some wicked demons in her private life. Raised by parents, grandparents and prostitutes, Edith endured poverty, disease, loss, drug addiction, and even blindness (which was blessedly temporary....thanks, St. Theresa!). If Marion Cotillard doesn't get an Oscar nomination for this, it can only be because the movie is in French.Yes, in French with subtitles. Consider that a heads up to all you mouth-breathin', freedom frie-eatin' beyotches. The rest of y'all should see this movie. I can't leave you without a look at the Sparrow herself, singing Hymne a l'Amour, which I adore.

Finally, though not a theatrical release, I also caught High School Musical 2, natch. As I told Charlie, I watched HSM 1 first, because I'd never seen it all the way through, and with the intricate plotting and depth of characterization, I thought it best that I refreshed my memory. Good thing, too, because Sharpay and Ryan are layered, yo.Enjoyable.


freakgirl said...

What is UP with Jeff's lips, really. Does he get them done? If so, WHY?

Also? I hate him. He is so passive aggressive, he makes me want to tear out my own hair. Yet, every now and again he says something hilarious.

Michael said...

He's such an asshole. I'd love to be his friend.

The Other Andrew said...

All of a sudden I need a tinsel ladder!... oh, and a tragi-fabulous tiny French lady to perch upon it.

Michael said...

Makes you wonder what else should really be decked in tinsel, doesn't it? I'm dizzy now.

"Tragi-fabulous" nails it. She's a diseased street urchin, she's a foul-mouthed party girl earning her keep singing for coins, she's a singing sensation enjoying iconic status all over the country, she's a drug-addled mess drowning her sorrows and losses in booze and heroin, she's a stooped over and balding.....oh, it goes on. LOVE!

The Other Andrew said...

Except for the singing voice bit I think she and I could be twins! :)

Michael said...

Ha! Such a mouth on you two.