Sunday, September 09, 2007

For any moment you might find the gold

I had a gold crown put in this weekend. You heard me. Forget the sexy thoughts, I'm your pepaw, young'n. In my defense, generally speaking my teeth are good and sound and true (and bleached), but I did have one crown (of porcelain wrought). Unfortunately, after less than two years, it cracked. My (smoking hot) dentist was surprised, but then he doesn't know how much (renting of clothes and) gnashing of teeth goes on around here. Anyway, he suggested GOLD as a substance that would withstand whatever untoward conditions that might occur in my mouth. So I acquiesced, and now, fast forward two days, I'm quite fond of my new oral bling. I'm even thinking of a mouthful of grillz, along with my everpresent daydreams of a mouthful of Grylls.


Sherri said... two (don't go there, it's a genetic thing) porcelain crowns are holding up well after 10 years. What ARE you doing with those toofies?

On second thought, I might be too white, middle-class, and female to understand.

willnyc said...

sooper hawt, dewd. but really, will a gold tooth match those perfectly tailored Brooks Brothers shirts I imagine you wearing? and did your smokin' dentist perhaps need to pay his mortgage this month? hmm....
'fess up. show the world. pix please!

Michael said...

Sherri, I'm every bit as white, middle-class and female as you.

Will, I love that you picture me in Brooks Brothers. I'm more of a Target/Banana Republic guy. And there'll be no pie hole pictures, sir, this is a family program!

Ur-spo said...

i have a couple of gold crowns; they work well for me; good luck with yours.