Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A long, long time ago, but I can still remember

Is there a statute of limitations on talking about my holiday? I had a hastily assembled vacation in New York over the Labor Day weekend, and you guys, it was the BEST time. Some highlights:

THURSDAY: Flew in on a glorious day and had the cutest little cabbie who drove like a bat out of Hades, taking a route I couldn't recall if I tried, but she got me into the city in near record time. Big tip! I stayed at the Hudson Hotel, placed there by my cheap ass dealings with for the first time.LOVE. Teeny, tiny, chic and modern Philippe Starck designed rooms, and I think the bar is by Ian Schrager. My beautiful baby sister was in town, so we, along with all her boisterous and blonde Southern friends, had tapas somewhere in the East Village that night. Oh, earlier there was lunch and shopping with the ladies, and they had me try on things and then decided what I'd buy.....dress me up in your love, bitches.

FRIDAY: US Open!Y'all, I saw the best tennis match (possibly the best live event of any sporting kind) of my life. And I fell in love with Novak Djokovic that day. Little did we know when we walked into Louis Armstrong stadium, that we'd be seeing a four and a half hour marathon of high quality tennis. Most games in a US Open singles match since the advent of the tie-break system in 1970! Djokovic took down Radek Stepanek, and then marched on to the finals last weekend against Roger Federer. As good as that was, that night I saw RENT and it was electric, yo. I know what you're saying. RENT? Again?But Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal (the original Mark and Roger) are back for a limited run, so what was I supposed to do? For you AI fans, Tamyra is playing Mimi. I got great last minute seats and maybe it was due to those guys, or maybe that the place was packed with die-hard RENT-heads, but the energy and the harmonies rocked my socks. GREAT show.

You'd think that would be enough, but there's more!

SATURDAY: I jumped out of bed early, laced on my kicky new trainers, and hit the streets. I didn't have a set plan, other than I wanted to do my long run on Saturday instead of Sunday as I was flying out the next day.(the Bethesda Fountain for you Angels In America fans)
I ran through Central Park and then headed south on Fifth Avenue. And kept going. And going. Until I hit water. I came back up the West Side Highway and according to my shoes (and the Nike-iPod system), I ran 11 miles. Between the glorious weather and my reveling in all the neighborhoods, it barely registered that I'd gone that far. Seriously, how good is this trip? The best is yet to come. Can you say XANADU on Broadway with Freakgirl and Lisa? Can you say stage seating? Can you say the funniest show I've seen since I can't remember anything more funny?If you are in the NYC vicinity during the run of this show, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Disco balls, hilarious Aussie accents, Art Deco clouds, roller-skates, and the songs. Oh, those songs. PS? Cheyenne Jackson. 'Nuf said. Oh, and glow sticks! After, we had an early dinner at Sardi's. As good as the show and the meal were, I gotta say that Freakgirl and Lisa can tag-team me ANY time, ANYwhere. So charming.

There was more, but geesh, who's still reading at this point anyway? Stop me before I link again. That was New York for Labor Day. Every time I fall more in love with that city.


freakgirl said...

:: kiss kiss ::

Ur-spo said...

that sounds jolly good fun
nice photos - i liked the angel the best but i am a big AIA fan!

Michael said...

Freakgirl, MUAH!

ur-spo, it was the FUNNEST. The fountain pic is from my phone, but it's still pretty. I have to make a pilgrimage to the angel every time I go now. Then I walked back under the bridge like they do at the end of the movie. I know. Sue me. ;-)

Michael said...

The Xanadu kids were on "The View" just now. Whoopi RAVED about the show. So good. Have I mentioned that Cheyenne Jackson is just the big-boned beefy dreamiest?

The Other Andrew said...

So much fun in this post! We LOVE fun! A bit envious right now though.

willnyc said...

you've sold your house + you love new york = where do you move?

mrpeenee said...

TOA is a "bit envious"? I am EATEN with envy. This sounds like the dream trip to NY. Did you like the Hudson enough to go back? I'm always looking for a good place to stay.

Michael said...

Andrew, I know. This is NOT the place if you have a low tolerance for hyperbole or exclamation points, is it? GREAT trip, though!

Will, look at you with your fancy math. As much as I love it, why do I feel like moving to NYC is something OTHER people do? It's probably that, at heart, I'm just a small town yokel.

mrpeenee, I'd stay there again. Loved the location with easy access to the park, a nice walk to the theater district and way cuteness all the time at the concierge desk. If you need QUIET, though, it's probably not for you. And the room I had was tiny (just about enough room to walk around the bed), but I loved it. Like my little nest in NYC.

Michael said...

PS If you wanna check out my adorable little room, check out the link. Click on "visual tour" and "standard room".