Sunday, September 23, 2007

For spring will turn to fall in just no time at all

It's officially FALL and more than just brisk mornings and leaves turning, here in the rural Midwest it means THEATER SEASON! I caught my first local show this weekend, Snapshots, a musical revue of sorts, chock full of Stephen Schwartz showtunes. Loved it. More than just a cobbling together of his songs, it's a play about a long-married couple on the brink of separation.In the course of an argument, a box of photos gets tipped over leading Dan and Susan to reminisce about their thirty-plus years together. They see their love affair anew via the snapshots, which come alive in the form of younger versions of themselves, singing and dancing to the Schwartz tunes.And there are some great ones. Anyone heard of Wicked? Godspell? Children of God? Pippin? Songs come from all of those and more. With a liberal tweaking of the lyrics, these songs tie this love story together seamlessly. I could hardly stay in my seat. What a lovely way to start the fall.

This play was put on by The Human Race Theater Company and they do some amazing stuff here in lil' ol' Dayton. Next up for them is Sunset Limited, a play written by Cormac McCarthy. If you haven't read his The Road yet, why the hell not?


Ur-spo said...

i have heard of these plays...

Michael said...

Right? So good. I just watched "Godspell" on TiVo a few weeks ago. A young Victor Garber? Yes, please. Oh, hell, I'll take Victor Garber at any age.

It's funny. Most days Dayton seems so hetero-genous, but put on a show like this and the mano-a-mano couples come out in force. Nice night.

The Other Andrew said...

I'm seeing a perky musical version of "The Road" now.

"Ease On Down The Road" from The Wiz just for starters.

Michael said...


For there may be times, when you wish you wasn't born
And you wake one morning just to find your courage gone
But you know that feeling only lasts a little while
You just stick with us and you'll be just fine (yeah)

Only with more nuclear winter and cachexia.

The Other Andrew said...

I had to look up "cachexia". I LOVE that about you.