Thursday, September 20, 2007

In your eyes, the light, the heat

There's this dude that stops in here every little while (like...right now!). He's a family guy, totally straight with a wife and two young kids. He's late thirties, nice body, kinda sloe-eyed and sleepy looking, and maybe a little dumb. Here's the thing. He's WAY flirty, in a touchy, brush up agin' my jock way. Or maybe not. I can't read him. Also, he looks like he needs a shower, and smells like it, too, but if he were mine I wouldn't allow it because he's got the BEST man-funk. He's not rank, but he's got a hard-working sweaty smell that lingers around the periphery. Drives me to distraction!

Thanks for listening.

UPDATE: We made out a little.

UPDATE 2: No, no, we didn't. I'm way too professional for that! Heh.


The Other Andrew said...

I thought you were going to say you're way too impatient for that. I was picturing straight to third base.

Michael said...

I'd have been waving him home, but like I said, I can't read him!

The Other Andrew said...

Well, some actions speak louder than words. Tried tying your shoe laces?