Sunday, September 23, 2007

This is what dreams are made of

You know how I love Brothers and Sisters, right? Tonight they had a season one recap episode, Family Album, to get us ready for the new shows starting next week. Clips from the first season were interspersed with cast interviews. I've raved about Matthew Rhys before. As have others.Still, I wasn't fully prepared for what I got tonight. Sweet, merciful Zeus, his accent! ::melts::


The Other Andrew said...

I KNOW, right? Oh boy, do I know.

(Did you know that my first serious boyfriend, ages 19 to 21, was WELSH? *le sigh*)

Michael said...

Wow. I rewound his bits so often I started to worry that there's something wrong with me.

There is, isn't there?

It's glorious, that accent.

Lucky you to have it growled into your ear every little while. Yes?

jersey girl said...

Thanks to you, I just realized this recap show is waiting for me on the TiVo. Good times!

Michael said...

Sneak it in between football and baseball, doll.

You'll appreciate this. I was telling Alan, my hair dude, about going to the US Open over Labor Day weekend. Hesitantly, he said, "That's football, right?"