Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Games people play

Sometimes when I'm driving I'll get right up on someone's ass like I'm all impatient and pissed off. Usually they'll slow down in an effort to piss me off more, but the jokes on them 'cuz I could give a fuck. Then sometimes when they look in their rearview mirror to see how irate I am, I'll do that Dead-head dance with my hands. You know, like I'm on 'shrooms, and I can see vapors coming off my fingers? I bet they hate that. Try it some time. It's fun.

One of them will probably shoot me in the face someday. And I'll understand, because this is America and that's in the Bill of Rights or something.

As soon as I have time, I'll get therapy, I promise.


The Other Andrew said...

Crazy is hot.

Michael said...

I'm lookin' for baggage to go with mine.

The Other Andrew said...

So, when you do the Dead-head dance, how's the rhythm white boy?

Michael said...

Well, remember I'm driving, so, you know, seated.....tempers the affront.