Thursday, September 27, 2007

Each life is loosely assembled, inside the molecules tremble

Things seemed to be falling into place lately. Almost too easily, FINALLY, after a lot of soul searching and, well, procrastination. As of yesterday, my house was sold, and I'd found a cute little apartment to rent for the next six months until I can get things arranged for the real move.

That was yesterday. NOW, my house deal may be all but broken. It's not, but I'll have to decide quickly and it's gonna cost me some money. Money that means something to me, and nothing to this bitch who's buying my house as a part-time place. It's a tough decision and not one I want to make in this state of mind because last night Mom called to tell me that my dad was feeling "dizzy and funny in his chest." It took a lot of convincing, but finally they went to the ER. We'll look into things further today, but everything checked out fine last night and he's OK.

I'm not writing this to ask for sympathy. There's LOTS worse things. My dad is fine. And even with this significant added expense, I'll still be doing OK with my house sale. I'm just really tired and not in the state of mind to decide. I don't care now, but I have to decide today anyway. I figured writing it down might help me examine things.

You know, most times I'm not the guy who feels he needs someone around all the time. I don't NEED you to complete me. Most times I want you around to share stuff. Like life and whatnot. This morning is one of those times you'd have to be there for me, though.

Huh. Is this my first post without some corny double entendre?


Jen said...

It's not a proper real estate deal until there's a big scare, an unrelated crisis, and a fiscal clusterfuck. Someday you'll look back on this and laugh -- but prob'ly not any day very soon. ;) {{big hugs}}

Michael said...

And messy construction!? Ugh.

Thanks, doll. Things are looking brighter at 9:00A than they did at 5:00A. As they will.

Are you almost all snugged into your new nest?

Jen said...

Sister please, we have maybe four things moved so far. Mostly, I've just been over there cleaning like I have one of those compulsive disorders. The new kitchen, she sparkles.

I hope there's no more gremlins lurking in your deal.

Bluebunny said...

Well, you are going to get sympathy anyway - sorry to hear about your Dad, but glad that things are looking ok. As for the house - as Jen said, it is not proper real estate deal unless there is some last minute crisis, but I will keep my fingers crossed that it all workks out.

Michael said...

Thanks, BB. I KNOW it will work out if I throw the right amount of money at it. The question is how bad do I NOT want to wait for another buyer?

As for my Dad, it's a weird thing. My parents are relatively young (67 and 68) and both very vibrant and healthy and active. I've lulled myself into not considering their mortality, but to see the fear in my Dad's eyes....sobering. That said, he's golfing this morning.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

((((bear hugs)))

i'm glad your dad's out golfing. he's got the right idea about life. we're all of us dying every minute of the day. there's no point sitting in a rocking chair waiting for it.

good luck with the move.

freakgirl said...

>> hugs <<

Remember that your buyer wants this house, too. It's not like he has all the power.

Jen's right, too, it's not a real estate deal until a major fright occurs. Like with ours, at closing, when the seller told us he regretted his decision to sell and was hoping he could get out of the contract.

Our lawyer laughed in his face.

Michael said...

Thanks, CB. My dad's behavior owes more to stubbornness and denial than grabbing life. Or maybe that's the same thing?

Freakgirl, I know. They want the house, but I don't think they want it as much as I want to be away from this place. I LOVE the house. If I could move it someplace fun and interesting, I would. Anyway, now I'm kind of pissed, and thinking of telling this guy to sod off.

freakgirl said...

You hold the power, babe.

Michael said...

Do I? Here's my latest thought (which changes hourly): I'm gonna offer him XX dollars and he can fix the problem himself. It's more than I initially offered for a fix that the inspector deemed acceptable. It'll be less than what it would cost me to have the fix he wants. He gets the money. We close Monday. I don't have to hassle with contractors and mess and I'm out of here.

Michael said...

Because it's not like it's something that needs to be done now....he can have the money in his pocket and do it now or later or whatever.....ugh.

freakgirl said...

Sounds reasonable to me.

Michael said...

Errr, we could be having this conversation in a more private venue, I suppose, but thanks, doll! ;-)

Lake said...

Did he take your offer???

Michael said...

Still I wait, Lake.

Is that good? He didn't just dismiss it out of hand or I would have heard by now. He's thinking about it. Or is he coming up with ANOTHER counter?

Glimpse inside my head.

Well, I'm feeling peaceful because that was my TAKE IT OR SUCK IT offer.