Sunday, May 13, 2007

Loving is the ocean, kissing is the wet sand

MY OWN revolutionary costume for today? I think it was in a Seinfeld episode where they decided that if you go out in gym clothes, then you've given up. Well, be that as it may, I'm in mad love with the lululemon yoga/track pants that I picked up over Easter. Casual, sure, but they are tres-Vancouver...tres-Dustin/Kandice greeting Phil at the Pit Stop. For now, I live in them. Check me giving you blue steel.

Thanks to La Yani for turning me on to the Meez.

ADDED: Oh, and remember that mini-wearing 61 y.o. from the other day? It's been killing me who she reminds me of. I was stuck on "pint-sized Bea Arthur" for days, when it hit me. She's Madame, in face and voice. Crap, does that make me Wayland Flowers? So not sticking my fist up her skirt. Wait, she's a marionette. Whew.


yaniboy said...

Well at least somebody found my Sunday fluff post useful hehehe :)

Michael said...

You're my GOTO guy for a good fluff, brotha.

yaniboy said...

I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not :P hehehe

Michael said...

::gives Yani blue steel::

Does that answer your question?

Dude, "fluffer" is right up there with "key grip" as far as I'm concerned.

Michael Guy said...

I think styling gym clothes beyond the workout hour is fine. In fact, I find some folks downright sassy strolling the supermarket in sweats or lycra.

It's all about an attitude. I lurves me some Jackie Warner, ala WORKOUT-style.

Wanna do some leg lifts?

Michael said...

I keep meaning to DISH about Workout with you, doll! I ADORED this season. Did you know Jackie grew up practically in my backyard? Well, +/- 50 miles or so. Fairborn, where her mom lives and where she went to high school, is not far from me.

These yoga/street/cargo-ish pants are ....Just. The. Bomb.

The Other Andrew said...

In my current flu ridden state I gave up yesterday. I put my sad, rapidly descending, 40+ butt into a pair of tracksuit pants and went to the corner store. I LEFT THE HOUSE in them, first time ever. And I hadn't showered. I might as well have picked my nose in front of a bunch of shool kids and just be done with it right?

Michael said...

Or just scratch your ass and then sniff your finger. Honestly, just do it. It's liberating.

Michael said...


I'll tell you this. If that COLT model who came in to train with Jesse ever showed up at my office, I'm pretty certain I wouldn't be able to stop myself from at least humping his leg, oaths be damned. And at that point I'm probably suck a nipple cuz I'd have nothing left to lose.