Sunday, May 20, 2007

Money can't buy it

I had some din-din and drinky-poos with the Professor on Friday night. We went to Coco's. It seems like a place to take someone you're sweet on, and certainly not a place to dine alone (often my default mode), therefore I'd never been. Here's a picture from the street, courtesy of one of my new blog haunts.This guy takes pictures of the starkly nondescript streets of Dayton, OH. He finds some interesting shots, though. Prototypical stuff and he's seriously funny with the captions sometimes. Let's take a scroll down Wyoming Avenue, shall we? And some images so common they could be seen any time of day on any street corner of our quaint little corner of the Midwest. Go Browns! Or whatever. How about this one of a hooker on Xenia Avenue? You mean to tell me dudes will actually pay for this? I'd pay her to get a better haircut and color, maybe. I know, I know, I'm being heartless. I'm sure there's a sad tale of misfortune here, but still, if you're gonna sell it, then sell it, I say. A better cut jean, maybe a flirty sandal with a wedge heel. Check me out. I could so be the Clinton Kelly of meth whores.

Oh, and dinner was nice. But is it too much to ask for sparks? Give me sparks, and I promise that it will be reflected in the tip. Lovely man. Smart man. Successful man. All sentences that could apply to my Dad as well.

My hair dude is wanting to set me up with a friend of a friend (i.e. a stranger). "No! I've seen him on the treadmill at the Y. Seems nice," says Alan. I'm not gonna front. At this point "was seen on exercise equipment and wasn't obviously mean" fits the bill. PS? He's a corrections officer. Me likes the sound of that.


maddie said...

It's funny, a person could be everything you should want, and still the sparks are absent. Been there.

Are you going out with the blind date/not obviously mean guy? Well, a corrections officer...let's hope he doesn't look like the ones on Oz. :)

I used to work for County Gov. and went to the County prison for different things...and there was this high level insanely hot CO there that I always got to talk to. I think it was the uniform, the manners and the tall/broad shoulders/confidence that got me. Unfortunately, he got transferred. :( So, hey, this guy could be the one! Never know!

By the by...I got a job finally!

Michael said...

I gave Alan my pertinent information, so we'll see. I'm always going on about "jailhouse style", so can I put my money where my mouth is? Money=junk mouth=mouth? I'm not sure where I was going with that. You had to mention Oz? Too much to hope he looks like Chris Meloni but is into shy, dorky types?

Congrats on the job! Comment or email the deTAILS.

maddie said...

Well, good luck! You're braver than I. I hope your get your Chris Meloni! If we could all be so lucky. :) Dorky? Noooo. You couldn't possibly be dorky.

Oz is on the brain lately...I've been watching reruns on HBO every night, and forgot how much I love that show.

The Other Andrew said...

Dinner with the Professor? Does that make you Mary-Anne from Giiligan's Island, or Juliet Mills from Nanny & The Professor?

Michael said...

Oh, I think you know.

I think we're the only ones who remember that show, pumpkin.

The Other Andrew said...

I knew it would be Juliet Mills. There are few certainties in this world, but there are some things you can count on, right?

Oh, and you, you with the pop cultural knowledge base, could I love you any more than I already do? I. Don't. Think. So.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

how do you know she's a hooker? i've always wondered how people tell who are hookers and who aren't.

Michael said...

Well, speaking as a whoremonger from WAY back.....heh. Growing up, I was always trying NOT to have sex with women.

I only know she's hooking because the guy who took the picture said she was doing the zig-zag walk up and down the block and also it's a street they hang out.

Beau RN said...

Why is everyone hating on Xenia Ave? Local flavor, I say!

I'm surprised there aren't any pictures of the road running along the river levy with all the anonymous guys cruising one another. Ah, fun times.

Michael said...

::grabs pencil and pad::

Go on.

Beau RN said...

Oh come ON, Big Man. You can't tell me that you don't know that the river corridor levy is THE cruisest place for anonymous hook-ups. You think all those skinny twink washouts are just there for the view?

Get out of Egypt!