Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's a new day for you

Well, yeah, but there's lots of good things, too! Oh, never mind. If you're like me, here's what you can expect today:
Today's Full Moon is opposite your Sun, overwhelming you with your feelings. You are being pulled beyond your normal boundaries and must stretch into a new shape. But this isn't about physical form; it's all about your attitude. Rather than fearfully returning to a previous mindset, consciously allow the pressure to mold the emotional changes necessary for your growth.
Thursday, May 31, 2007

I had a Cardiac Risk Profile done a few weeks ago and got the results on Friday. As has been mentioned in these pages before, my diet and exercise regime are darn near impeccable (what’s true is true), so it came as no surprise that my bloodwork reflected that. My total cholesterol wasn’t anything to write home about, until you see the HDL/LDL ratio. My “good” cholesterol (the kind that keeps the fats from gumming up arteries) was MAD good. Once concern that did crop up was blood pressure. Mine’s never been great, but usually hovered around normal (and “normal” is really more of a “median”). Til now. Though not into the range where I’m hypertensive, it’s creeping up to that. I do feel like I know what’s going on there, and it was borne out in the lifestyle questionnaire that accompanied the examination. I totally lied on all those questions because I couldn’t bear to see the look I’d get from the physiologist if I gave her the true answers. Close social contacts? Not so much. Feelings of isolation? You bet! Generally optimistic? Errrrmmmm. Of course I know what I have to do. What I’ve had to do. With that in mind, I called a realtor yesterday.

On another positive health note, I’m running a half-marathon (the DxA2) this weekend with my lovely friend Allison. It’s the same one I’d planned to run last year, but a combination of weather, injury, illness and general lethargy between the two of us made that a no-go. We’re both feeling well (as I type this anyway), so it should be good for this year. They hold the Taste of Ann Arbor that day as well. What sounds better than following a 13.1 mile run with nibbling on some of the best food in the tri-state area? Maybe a shower followed by a vigorous massage from a burly Eastern European emigre, but some good deli will have to suffice.

Speaking of food, for whatever reason I’ve been craving one of these ALL DAMN WEEK.Soft shell crab po' boy. Can you say SILF? What is it about fried seafood in a sandwich format? I need to road trip because they don’t do good po’ boy in the north and I don’t think it’d fare well via Fed Ex.

Finally, I hesitate to go all Queer Eye on your asses, but people, clean your toes! It's an early summer, there's a heat wave going on, and I understand the urge to doff the shoes, but if you are gonna wear sandals you must make at least a cursory effort to make your feet presentable. No exceptions. I'm not saying you have to pay for a spa pedicure. Can we agree that a thick layer of dust is not acceptable, though? Asking that you swiffer those dirty dogs is not setting the bar too high, I trust.


Chaucer's Bitch said...

Go to Philadelphia. Good po' boys there, and you don't have to put a toe over the Mason-Dixon line.

I had several gay friends in high school (grew up in southern Michigan), so I'm acquainted with your feelings of isolation. Moving is the best thing you can do for yourself. Get your hot gay ass someplace where it will be appreciated before it sinks into your knees. !!!

freakgirl said...

I am so proud of you for taking your first steps! Yay!

And so cool about the 1/2 marathon and then Taste of Ann Arbor; how fun will that be? So fun.

I'm afraid of soft shell crab. You seriously eat it all? Even the claws? Really? Help me.

Jen said...

Good luck with everything, I hope it brings you the peace and freedom you're looking for. Try not to hurt yourself this weekend, because next weekend is celebration time, no? Do you have plans already? Would you maybe want to go to dinner at Jay's? It ain't no po'boy but it's the best food I've eaten since I've moved here. Email me when you get back from MI and let me know what you're up for.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Jen: dig the new haircut.

Jen said...

Thanks CB. I like to think it highlights my knockers.

freakgirl said...

Nice. :D

Michael said...

CB, Philly, huh? Who knew. And thanks for the encouragement. I'm a grown-ass man, but in some ways I'm like a kid finally finding his way. Plus, like the picture says: fickle, non-committal, indecisive. No more (or not as much)!

FG, I agree, it should be SEHR fun. You'd love Allison. She is ultra-liberal...very crunchy and hempy.....her daughter, like the cutest kid ever and six, has a big ol' crush on me. Oh, and crab is DEElish. So sweet and tender. Add in the battery, buttery deep-friedness, well....yes, the whole thing

Jen, I always try not to hurt myself! But I can't be too careful right now. ;-) Yay for Jay's! I'll call next week and we can see how each of us is doing then. "Celebration" through me off for a sec, but yes, the birthday cometh.

Michael said...

PS I bet the new haircut totally makes your knockers pop!

Michael said...

OK, "threw" me off.

Also, I need to reign in the Buffy-speak, but between reading the new comic and watching the entire series run (just starting Season 3!) from the start, it gives me a happy!

The Other Andrew said...

I still look back fondly at the photo you posted after last year's half marathon. Remember? The dangling medal and sexy legs shot. Any chance on upping the, um, ante this year?

Now go sell your house and move somewhere funner.

Michael Guy said...

Good to hear the details about the cardiac profile. At the risk of being repetitive and shit:

"No day but today."

I learned that one from you, kid.

OYSTER HOUSE (in Market Square) Pitsburgh, PA: BEST FISH SANDWICH ev'ah...