Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hello, you fool, I love you

VW GTI Mk V - Joyride with Helga

You've gone a few weeks without dessert. This'll make the wait worthwhile. How about some Bavarian cream PIE, boys and girls? Helga ist in der Haus. Hell ja.

Helga will take you for a ride in the GTI of your choosing over at the VW site. Sista is a Teutonic wetdream, yo. I haven't been this turned on by Deutschlandische disdain since...gee...a few weeks ago? What was that? Yeah, I got that she isn't real. Neither is my lust for girls, though, so...ummmm......fuckin' A?

Heidi-link courtesy of fourfour


Jeff said...

Helga's cool...she can ride along in the back. But that GTI is just too schweeeeet! Hubba, Hubba....

Michael said...

I know! That vid is from YouTube, but I found her while designing a V-dub of my own. I'm seriously thinking about it.

I gotta get a US Open post going, Jeff. You know, put out the fo-fo on who I'm pulling for.

Michael Guy said...

Helga makes me want to touch myself in inappropriate places. Is she sporting rubber gloves by the way or has rot gut chardonnay blurred my vision as well as my judgement? I would sooo do you in this car. On this car? By this car?

:: changing into white jumper ::

Michael said...

No, your mind may be muddled, but your vision is sharp. At one point she is sporting latex gloves. Yerrrrmmmmm.