Friday, August 25, 2006

I lay on my back and watch clouds roll by

I know it's been a few weeks already, but may I still say a few words about the Chris Isaak concert? C'mon, I was feeling a lil' blue around then, remember? Like not Forever Blue or anything. Not like I was staying in the Blue Hotel. More like I was lying on my back gazing at the Blue Spanish Sky. But I'm better now, so shall we? I'd enjoyed Chris Isaak over the years. Wicked Game, ummm, sparked my interest enough that I bought the Heart Shaped World CD and I've enjoyed and followed him, if only peripherally, since. He's put out some good stuff and let's face it, he's pompadourable.Chris LIVE, though, kind of changes everything. If anything, he's done got hotter over the years, the initial draw, but over and above that, he puts on a SHOW, kids. I never realized it, but the boy has some serious pipes. He can straight up sing. And he's hilarious. And he gets all Rock(abilly) Star on your ass with the costume changes. The blue sequined suit.And of course the mirrored suit.Both look like they were tailored in the 80's, though. In his defense, I have to imagine that a sportier cut on that mirrored suit would run through a few dollars. And bandages. Anyway, he's in great voice, he charms and amuses you with the anecdotes and, if he tells you the story of his hardworking mom, he might just make you well up a lil' bit. Oh, shutup. I just loved this show. Chris also supplied me with my new catchphrase. When he was discussing how he tailors the show to different audiences, he mentioned that he would clean things up for our Midwestern Heartland tastes. That was greeted with a chorus of boos. Then he was all, "Alright, you asked for it, but I gotta tell you, it's gonna get filthy. And for no reason. Just filthy for filthy's sake. And I don't wanna hear no complaints. When you're in the parking lot after the show...coughing up sequins.... and sayin' 'That was filthy!', just remember I warned ya." Filthy For Filthy's Sake. Could there be a better banner for Pipedreams?

Oh, and as I mentioned, my initial interest in Mr. Isaak was sparked by the BEYOND HOT Wicked Game video from way back.How many times has that shit been copied since? Lots. That's how many times. Be honest, after that three minutes you wanna fuck both of them, right? Over at LOGO Online, they are having an Ultimate Sexiest Video contest. Why don't you toss off a errrr...VOTE...that's my boy?


Jeff said...

I agree about hottie Chris...and did you know that rumor has it he's packing some serious heat in them britches? Mmmm...mmmm.

Q - 60's girl said...

Michael i have come to the conclusion that your compulsion to always to wanting to "do"... well almost everyone is because you must have sooo much love to share ;)

Well i watched the video and have to say it more than makes me wanna do one of them... and if Chris wants to sing to us while we are busy that'd be nice too...