Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I didn't eat yesterday, I'm not gonna eat today

Tonight is the season finale of WORKOUT, guys, and if you haven't been catching this shizz, then you should rectify that immediately. You heard me. Rectify it. BRAVO will repeat it into the ground.

I'm into going to the gym. I'm into gays. You put the two together and, well, that's a potent cocktail that I'm gonna quaff until I pass out from the deliriously staged cattiness of it all. Those crazy kids from Sky Sport and Spa, they're not ALL gay, mind you. Just the interesting ones. Let's play a game. If you do watch, go to the comments and make a list of who you'd fuck. Make it top five. In descending order of fuckitude. Who's game? Here's mine:
  1. Jesse- I love a twink. Sue me.
  2. Brian- Big and stupid. Nuf said?
  3. Rebecca- Kinda shemale. And slutty. My girlfriends were always "sporty". Go figure.
  4. Doug- Big. Would have scored higher if he were more stupid.
  5. Jackie
Jackie would be (4), but last week when she tried to get all sexy with that cherry and the lighting was really bad and her makeup was all caked in her crow's feet, it kinda took the shine off her for me.

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Jen said...

I wouldn't fuck anyone from that show, but that won't surprise anyone. This all seems totally at odds with how slutty I am, but there you go. I'm complex. Just call me Chenowith.

freakgirl said...

Hey, NICE.

I've only seen the show twice, but I don't think I would jump in bed with any of them either. Sometimes I think Jackie is hot, and other times I don't know what I was thinking. I guess she's like that woman from Seinfeld; it depends on the lighting. Jessie is cute but does he ever stop talking?

And Rebecca, although amusing, is just gross.

Bodhi said...

No opportunity to watch the show Mikey, but I nonetheless followed the trail of your Workout link to view any potential hotness.

And I can tell you that the only one that stood out for me (actually, stood up might be more appropriate, but I digress ...) was 25 year old Jesse.

You can all stop rolling your eyes and calling me predictable. I prefer to think of myself as reliable and consistent ...

Bodhi said...

And by the way Mikey, on this bus this morning I spotted her. Twenty something, long black hair, dark eyes, and curves in all the places that straight guys rave about. I just couldn't keep my eyes of her ...

Now, before you all think, "Oh my Brad, I think Bodhi has possibly turned all Queer Guy for the Pipedreams Pie", or Brad-forbid even worse (ewwww ... lets not go there) let me explain WHY.

Printed on her attractive blue shirt/blouse was a whole heap of cute little bunnies. Rabbits, people, Rabbits!

Awwwww. Soooo cute.

Michael said...

Chenowith, if I was picky as you, I would never, EVER get any, and it's slim pickins as it is. So what about Rachel Griffiths? I'd totally fuck her based on the accent alone.

Freakgirl, seriously? None of them? I feel like such a desperate slut now because I'd do ALL of them without so much as a second thought. I'd even do Jody Whatley. Oh, who am I kidding? ESPECIALLY Jody Whatley. I'll stand in my truth. I'm a starfucker.

Bodhi, reliable it is. I'm counting on you to be a rock. I mean my rock. Errr....
And "Queer Guy for the Pipedreams Pie" made me snort. Attaboi! I think it's inherent in the faggot that he'll appreciate a well-turned out woman. And you know how we love boobs. It doesn't mean we wanna titty fuck them. Though in my case, that holds a special place in my heart, esp. if I aim for the eye and get rewarded with a lil' "it's not funny..it stings!" action.

Michael said...

Oh, and Freakgirl, thanks. ;-)

Jen said...

Okay, we're friends, I'll admit to it even if it does make me look like a huge narcissist (especially because E says I look a bit like her): I would totally fuck Rachel Griffiths. Pie par excellence, baby. The only topping she needs is me.

PS. I agree with FG, I'm just a little slow on the uptake sometimes.

Michael said...

Pipedream's pipes. ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

Hey sweet cheeks, I meant to add earlier... 97% drama, sure - that may be the case, but 100% sehr HOT. Look at those guns on you.

You. Go. Gurrrl!

Michael Guy said...

Wait a minute! I thought the photo came from the show's pic gallery?!? IS THIS "PIPEDREAMS?" ...with the great guns!?!

:: Omar the tent maker is in town ::

Michael said...

You're so cute/sweet. If it looks good, we have smoke and mirrors to thank. Try not to be too disappointed when we meet. Or rather, try not to SHOW too much disappointment when we meet.

I won the t-shirt over at Too Much Free Time...3% Body Fat, 97% Drama....sleeveless....size SMALL! Does it get any gayer?