Monday, January 07, 2008

What's the worst word you can possibly imagine?

I'm sick today and I'm here to tell you that I'm never sick. That's not bragging, that's just fact. Only today it feels like the walls of my sinus cavities are about to burst free from the rest of my skull. The rest of me just aches. I don't do "call in sick" so here I am at work, although, well, blogging.
So that this isn't all about my mucous membranes and bodily cavities (and conjunctiva...did I mention my conjunctiva?), I'll give you the heads up on Atonement. See it! Gorgeously filmed, impeccably acted, achingly romantic, and contrary to what I read a few months ago, it is respectful of the book (which I've loved as much as almost any contemporary novel). Gawd, I didn't think I could be feelin' James McAvoy any more than I already did, but I was mistaken, sirs. I could just eat him all up, or alternately, in some other manner have him inside me. I'm going to buy this on DVD if for no other reason than it's SO good-looking. The sets, the costumes, all divine. Then, late in the film, there is this jaw-dropping tracking shot across a battle-scarred beach that spins and climbs and twirls and bumps and veers and it will leave you dizzy and little breathless. It's shots like that on a big screen that make going to movies worth it.


maddie said...

I'm sorry you are sick! I'm sending you some virtual chicken soup and a snuggly blanket get well thoughts.

You make movies sound delicious! Once again, you love movies like I do - the performances, cinematography, seeing them in the theater for certain reasons...definitely think alike in that way. Your review makes me want to rush to the movies right now and see it today. I'm glad you discovered Mr. McAvoy's awesomeness. Love him. Have you seen Last King of Scotland, yet? I probably asked you that already. Anyway, he's great in that.

I saw Charlie Wilson's War last week too - Phillip Seymour Hoffman is so fantastic as the CIA agent - there's writing by my favorite screenwriter - Aaron Sorkin - and Tom Hanks is as usual totally into the character. Really smart, hilarious, interesting film.

I saw P.S. I Love You too - Gerard Butler - HELLO hotness. Good movie, super sad in places, but with Kathy Bates, Harry Connick, Lisa Kudrow and James Marsters from Buffy, it was very fun/sad/laugh-out-loud movie.

I'm using your site to procrastinate. Back to work. :)

Michael said...

SO worth your time, Maddie. I haven't seen either of the movies you mention. Didn't get to the movies much over the holidays. Errrr, I actually haven't seen Sweeney Todd yet! Sondheim! I know. The shame.

I know that you GET IT about the movie experience. Despite the drawbacks, namely, PEOPLE, it's worth it for movies that sweep you up like Atonement.

maddie said...

I know what you mean about getting swept up in the movie - I have my definite rules about what I need to see in the theater. Big epic dramas or action are definites.

Atonement was directed by Joe Wright (one of my favorite directors), who directed Ms. Knightley in my other fave - Pride and Prejudice, which is worth watching just for the cinematography - but the direction and acting perfect as well.

Michael said...

I fell in love with her during Pride and Prejudice. Yes, she's startlingly wafer thin, but bitch is gorgeous.

maddie said...

I could watch Keira's Jane and Matthew MacFayden's Mr. Darcy everyday, they are both so charasmatic. I love all those period dramas - Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Gosford Park, etc...but that one's my favorite.

I think Keira is thinner in Atonement, if that's possible.

Oh, those movies I previously mentioned - dvd is fine.

Have you seen The Namesake? Really good.

Forgive me if I'm repeating anything, I can't remember who I tell what to.

The Other Andrew said...

Awww, get better soon!

McAvoy makes me think dirty thoughts, even (or especially?) with the cloven hoof/bare chestedness of Mr Tumnus. Makes me bleat just thinking about it.

I saw "The Golden Compass", and I was just a tad disappointed in it Vs the book. But you need to see it and then tell me that you don't want to wear everything that Nicole Kidman does.

freakgirl said...

I want to see The Namesake, so badly. It's out on DVD?

Michael, are you one of those people who goes to work sick and then gets everyone else sick? If so, I hates you.

Michael said...

Andrew, should I read The Golden Compass first? I haven't. I know!

And yes, McAvoy even/especially as Mr. Tumnus, is a stiffener.

Freakgirl, you'll love The Namesake. Kal Penn rocks it. Yes, I think I've taken a sick day twice in seventeen years. I'm obsessive/compulsive with handwashing, I don't let anyone use my phone or computer, I gargle every 15 minutes....and that's just a regular day, so imagine when I'm sick!

maddie said...

FG - Yup, The Namesake is out, it's only been a few weeks. Kal Penn is good, always been a fan (he's from my hometown!), but the performances that just blew me away were from the actors who played his parents. Holy crap, they were good.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

go home and quit making everyone else at the office sick! no one likes a germ-spreader.

J.go said...

Sorry, handsome, but I hated Atonement. There were way too many scenes of slow-moving beauty that had no connection to the plot. They easily could have cut 50 minutes from the film. Painfully indulgent filmmaking.

Though, Ms. Knightly is stunning.

Michael said...

CB, I'm self-employed, so if Mikey go home then Mikey don't get paid.

J Go, enthralled as I was, I won't argue too vociferously that things couldn't have been tightened up, but fifty minutes? I thought the direction was fantastic, and since I loved the book so much, I was curious/concerned as to how they'd play the POV stuff (i.e. what happened at the fountain vs. what Briony saw at the fountain). I thought it was done well.

jason said...

You've sincerely convinced me to see it now, despite the bad reviews I've read.

hope you feel better!

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I know you wrote this a while ago, but I’ll comment now.

I was planning on finally seeing Atonement this weekend. (I love the book.) But I’ve been feeling really depressed this week.

Will this movie make me feel worse? Should I see some lame chick flick in an attempt to feel better (but will probably also make me feel worse)?