Friday, January 25, 2008

All along the watchtower, princes kept the view

What a match! I woke up at 4:00 AM, as I knew I would, and at that point it didn't look good for my man Djokovic. He was serving down 3-5, and got into a 0-30 hole. Who knew he was going to win the next four games. And 8 of the next 9! Admittedly Federer did not seem to be moving as well as he can, but schooling him in straight sets in a major is still a major breakthrough for Djokovic. He's only 20. This changes the tennis landscape a little, which I think has gotten stale the last few years with Federer's dominance (outside of Roland Garros).
Wow, that was fun. I was almost late for work.

ADDED: After watching those two battle it out in the heat of Australia's summer, it's particularly bracing to walk outside here and find it's -2F (-19C).


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Exciting, yes.

But this picture is not as exciting as the last Djokovic picture. And for an athlete I discovered in a fashion magazine, I'm disappointed in his outfit here.

Michael said...

I added another one just for you.

Now I wish I would have seen his fashion spread!

Susie said...

I set my TiVo to record the match and the cable box went out and I recorded a black screen. I'm pretty sure they heard me scream "FUCK!" in Canada.

Love him.

Michael said...

Susie, when he was serving down 3-5 and love-30, I thought Federer was gonna roll through him. You know how R Fed is once he's won the first set. Djokovic just dominated then and won eight of the next nine games. So fun to watch.

I'm sure my eyes will pop open around 4 AM tonight!