Friday, January 04, 2008

Thank you, Iowa

Huckabee? Seriously? At least now I know there's a more stupid place than Ohio.


Mel said...

Actually, approaching this from a statistical perspective, it would really depend, especially since it was only the Republicans that went for Huckabee. You'd have to look at the stupid as a percentage of total population and determine which has the greater proportion of stupid. on the other hand, it is pretty damn stupid, whichever way you slice it.

freakgirl said...

That's exactly what I thought when I woke up and heard the news.

According to Michael Moore:

"With all due respect to Senator Obama's victory, the most important news out of the caucus this evening was the whopping, room-busting turnout of Democrats. 239,000 people showed up to vote Democratic tonight (93% more than in '04, which was a record year), while only 115,000 showed up to vote Republican. And this is a red state! The Republican caucuses looked anemic. The looks on their faces were glum, tired. As the camera followed some of them into their caucus sites, they held their heads down or turned away, sorta like criminals on a perp walk. They know their days of power are over. They know their guy blew it. Their only hope was to vote for a man who has a direct line to heaven.

Huckabee is their Hail Mary pass. But don't rule him out. He's got a sense of humor, he's downhome, and he said that if elected, he'd put me on a boat to Cuba. Hey, a free Caribbean vacation!

Bottom line: People have had it. Iowa will go blue (Happy Blue Year, Hawkeyes!). Whomever your candidate is on the Dem side, this was a good night. Get some sleep. The Republicans won't go down without a fight. Look what happened when Kerry tried to play nice. So Barack, you can talk all you want about "let's put the partisanship aside, let's all get along," but the other side has no intention of being anything but the bullies they are. Get your game face on now. And, if you can, tell me why you are now the second largest recipient of health industry payola after Hillary. You now take more money from the people committed to stopping universal health care than any of the Republican candidates."

Michael said...

So Ohio may still be mo' stupid, Mel? Not surprised. ;-)

Freakgirl, thanks for that bit from Michael Moore. Palliates the burn, which I assume stem from some holy water in the prevailing winds from Iowa.