Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nobody puts Johnny in a corner

Second?!But always first in my heart, Johnny. Always first in my heart. And kudos to you for putting Elisa to work making your outfits.


Susie said...

Here's a bit of useless information: I used to be a competitive figure skater. I was never anywhere near as fabulous as Johnny, nor did I get engaged on ice, but still, it was fun. Purple dresses with rhinestones...yup, those were the days.

Michael said...

That comment fairly screams for photo documentation, Susie. Was your hair and makeup very severe? I love that about skating. And synchronized swimming.

There's nothing about Johnny Weir that doesn't make me smile.

susie said...

No, no makeup (none still, actually), although I was known to sport a wicked French braid and meticulously blow-dried bangs. Yikes. There is certainly NO WAY I would let photographic evidence of this hit the interwebs.

And, how can anyone not love Johnny?

Michael said...

Oh, I LOVE a French braid, although, yeah, not with bangs. I can DO a French braid, actually. On you, not on me.

Confession. I have a thing for braids, especially pigtail braids. What? It's not gross! One of my best friends will braid her hair up sometimes when we ski together just because she knows the adorableness makes my heart melt. One of my favorite pictures in the world is of the two of us on top of the ski mountain in Park City, she in pigtail braids and me in ear to ear grin. Sigh.

Susie said...

I have a friend who has a thing for ponytails. I always put my hair up in one when I see him. His wife and I often joke that if she truly loved him, she'd wear a ponytail more often.