Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A connecting principle, linked to the invisible

Freakgirl's post yesterday about how all her friends seem to intertwine got me thinking. I know that's not technically synchronicity. Still, despite my scientific and basically atheistic bent, I used to stop and ponder when events like that took place. Despite my better judgment, I used to take those kind of things as signs that I was on the right path. Cosmic reassurance. A hug from the omnipotent. I never REALLY believed it. I tell myself that anyway. I don't think there IS any path, of course. Hello? Free will, yo! Still, this morning when I had to start a new box of oatmeal, a new jar of honey, a new tube of shaving cream (oooh...this stuff is divine! remind me to tell you about it) and a new bottle of Listerine, all before 6AM, I paused again. If I believed in the Fates, they were hitting me on the head with an anvil. Time for new beginnings, bro!
PS Mythic god-wise, I always did prefer the Furies over the Fates. They're just so mischievous!


freakgirl said...

I have the same issues. I've always believed that life is a series of choices, but it's funny how things work out, huh?

I would also like to hear about your shaving cream. I am partial to "Kiss My Face" products; they're very nice.

Michael said...

I'm going to check those out.
I've been using Kiehl's Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream-- Green Eagle...a mouthful and sinfully expensive, but divine.

The Other Andrew said...

Kiehl's is in really limited distribution here in Sydney, I think only a couple of places have it, and I've always been interested in trying it. I hear their stuff is excellent. Well, now we know that the shave cream is at least.

I think you've been itching for new starts since the beginning of the year, yes? I'd take The Listerine as a sign. Listerine never lies.

Bodhi said...

Speaking of connections and links to the invisible, how much did thou miss me, let vous count the ways?


Michael said...

Andrew, I know, right? Whole grain oats AND mouthwash can't be a coincidence. I get my Kiehl's stuff online. The products I've tried have all been really good. I used to get hair stuff there until Alan twisted my arm (repeatedly pressed himself into me actually) to get Aveda products.

Bodhi, more than words can say, mi amore. Now come over here and let me give you some sugar. In your absence I've been entertaining myself by picturing you two roomies devolving in a "Single White Female" scenario. You look smashing in an auburn bob, btw.

The Other Andrew said...

I recently bought the mint and rosemary shampoo from Aveda. Nice. I felt like it wasn't really getting out all the industrial strength pomade I was using though, it's quite gentle. Rinse & Repeat seems to do the trick.

If Bodes gets stalkerish I'll just keep posting anti-Pitt comments, he's already threatened that that'll do the trick. :-) BTW, who is this 'Bob' from Auburn?

Bodhi said...

Anti-Pitt comments? Oh thats just nas-ty.

Besides, sweetie darling sweetie, I am not the stalking type. If you piss me off, I will just kill you silently in your sleep. Oops, did I just say that out loud?


*Pinkie finger to mouth*

[Oooh, I came across all Dr Evil then. Allbeit a fabulous gay version with a much better suit]


*Smiles sweetly*