Friday, January 13, 2006

Ring a bell and I'll salivate

He sings, he dances, and he acts. Also, he's a big ol' mo who got married recently according to the fellas over at Queerty. He's John Barrowman and he's the MEAT. Not baring as much flesh as is usually required for this coveted spot, but have I mentioned he's a musical theater star? Check out his eyes, bitches. The only way this guy could be more perfect is if he'd also do some porn (like my perennial and unrivaled fave, Tom Judson).
Well, I'm off for a haircut and some mild shopping and then heading to the Disney. Yeah, I know. It's actually some fun! Honest. I'm still terribly congested and I'm flying in the morning. Anyone have any pharmaceutical suggestions as to what is best to make this travel tenable? Also, while we're talking drugs, if a haircut and some Mickey doesn't cheer me up, whose got the fo fo on the best shit to bring me 'round? I promise to stop whining now (or then, I guess, if it comes to medication).


freakgirl said...

Enjoy your haircut and have a safe trip to Disney! Here's hoping you get your freak on somewhere in the magical kingdom.

As for pharmaceutical suggestions, sorry, I've got nothing. All I need is a Benadryl to start hallucinating.

Michael said...

Thanks sweetness. I did enjoy my haircut and my playful interaction with the Alan. There was an interesting moment where we talked about my best friend from college who is still one of the most important people to me. Alan asked if my friend is gay. I said, "No, he's straight and divorced with two kids." Alan asked how he feels about me being gay and I had to admit that he doesn't know because he doesn't. Then I went to see 'Brokeback Mountain'. Smiles everyone! Smiles!

Pharm-wise, I'm just gonna take my Claritin-D. I think I'm over the infection and just wanna make sure all my passages are open. Thanks for the good Magical Kingdom wishes. I'm feeling blatant, baby, and bold never hurts. Muah!

Michael said...

Isn't this guy hot as hell? Wha? Too preppy?

The Other Andrew said...

Ah Miss Barrowman, hotness. He's the dude who played Cap'n Jack on the new Dr Who season 1, and who's character caused a demi-controversy by being a) bisexual and b) having a lip lock with Christopher Eccleston (Dr Who) on the show.

(Oh, and apparently he's well hung according to an article in DNA magazine.)

ça va pas la tête said...

wat a hunk!

savante said...

I actually have his album, believe it or not! :)


luscious loulou said...

Yes. Captain Jack, Andrew. Yum yum.

Plus, he's in my latest DVD buy, "Delovely". Has his very own scene where he sings nose-to-nose with Cole Porter (Kevin Kline) and is hot as hot can be. And then, and then... ::sigh::