Friday, January 27, 2006

Oh I can see Daniel waving goodbye

Some Christian groups were up in arms over NBC's new show The Book of Daniel, so naturally I checked it out. It's only been on three weeks, but it was shaping up to be a good series. It had a dash of Six Feet Under, a smidgen of Joan of Arcadia, with great actors and snappy writing. A good start. Jesus came off really well and the humans came off as, well, human so obviously the Christians hated it, sight unseen. OK, so the show stars Aidan Quinn as a Vicodin addicted priest with a gay son that he loves unconditionally. Isn't that whole unconditional love thing pretty Jesus-y? Anyway, machts nicht, because the show is cancelled. I think it had much less to do with any Christian boycott and much more to do with NBC burying it midseason on a very dead night. As my token of esteem for the show, I'm honoring Aidan Quinn on MEAT FRIDAY. Yeah, I'm definitely skewing/skewering older with my last few kabobs, but this man has had my attention since I saw his ass in Desperately Seeking Susan and then was transfixed by his his soulful eyes and soft voice as he played gay in An Early Frost (twenty years before today's actors are considered so brave for taking queer roles).
Oh, and if you're one of the tens of fans who was enjoying this show, they are airing the final episode, web only, tonight at 8 EST. Not sure how that's going to work.
Finally, in that second shot AQ is not at his best, but I loved the overly optimistic t-shirt so.


luscious loulou said...

Meat Friday is going well, isn't it? All these many pleasing men you bring to our attention. You're such a people pleaser, michael!

Aidan's kind of a rumply ol' bear these days, isn't he. Grrrrr. And those great eyes, too. Strong arms. Cuddlin' up on the couch time and maybe a bit of rollin' around.

Yes, I remember An Early Frost. And it made me just now think of "Doing Time on Maple Drive" with Jim Carrey as an alcoholic son and there was a gay brother who brought home a fiancee even though he had a longtime boyfriend. Carrey was phenomenal as he can be when he plays drama. Excellent. From 1992 according to Amazon.

maddie said...

Ahh...Aidan. He does have some gorgeous eyes. I loved him in Legends of the Fall, along with another gorgeous man, Mr. Brad. THAT was an eye-candy movie.

Maggie said...

Don't forget, you get treated to a nude shot of Aidan from the side (shower scene) in that old Daryl Hannah movie...what was it called?

Ah, yes. Imdb to the rescue: Reckless

Michael said...

loulou, at the risk of falling prey to that gay cliche of youth obsession, I have to admit that I can't get AS excited about old, rumpled Aidan. Look at him in that first shot, though! It's not that I wouldn't want and old dude...just so long as I get to GROW old with him. Then you don't notice the smell so much.
Maggie, I have that screen cap, but this site is porn-y enough without those kind of pictures. Same reason I didn't use those shower scenes from OZ for Mr. Meloni.