Thursday, January 26, 2006

What a difference a day makes

The folks over at Too Much Free Time have been kind enough and lacking in judgment to a sufficient degree that they've agreed to let me recap and ramble about the exploits of my favorite badass, Jack Bauer, on the new season of 24. Cool, huh? If you love that show, head over and chime in. It'll be a recap, but we'll probably talk about hot guys and balls and stuff, too.


luscious loulou said...

Well, this is spooky.

Jamie Cullum is singing your title right Now!.


Other than that I must disappoint cuz I don't watch "24". Boo me.

Michael said...

Never boo for you, lusciousness. Jack and Co. are not for everyone. I loves it, though.

Mmmm, Jamie Cullum. I love that lil' guy's voice. I'll have to post about him.