Friday, January 06, 2006

Give me the taste, give me the joy of summer wine

Well, amidst the tumbleweeds, springs vitality. Meat Friday, y'all. Mr. Diggs (what a name!) has been popping up a lot for me lately, most recently in Rent and then last night on Will and Grace. I gotta say that when he was flirting with Will, I felt weak in the knees and funny in the tummy. Killer looks and a kilowatt smile. Brotha is eff-triple oh-ine. FOOOine.
OK, I'm off to scout out a house that's been on my mind this week. And to get a neti pot. Nasal douching is all the rage, yo.


Sara said...

I think I love that house! Oakwood is lovely! ;)

Jen said...

He really is very pretty,
Oh so pretty,
And we wittily wish he were gay...

The Other Andrew said...

Nice looking house. Big, and we like big. Seems cheap (well, by Sydney standards), we like cheap seeming too. I'm a fan of big and cheap. (Which reminds me of the big German/Dane/Swede with the swimmer's build Bodes and I saw at the nightclub last night...)

Oh right, real estate.

The neti thing, Chuck got you into it, right?

Michael Guy said...

Love the house; nice property...veddy English country garden like. If one likes that: which I do. But it could just be my ALTHORP/Princess Diana gene kicking in.

BTW: neti pot. Not sure I could do that since water in the nose stopped my pre-teen swimming lessons.

Can't swim/don't drive. It's like admitting to killing a family of 5 somewhere in Texas.