Sunday, January 29, 2006

Yes I ask you very confidentially: Ain't she sweet?

The day goes on and on when you go to bed around 11P on Saturday night and get up at 2:30A on Sunday morning. So I read a little, ate into my TiVo backlog, and then caught the Australian Open men's final. Federer is a great guy and all and a near living legend, but I was rooting hard for the upstart Cypriot, Marcos Baghdatis. My unseeded and unheralded brother went up a set and a break and was within one point of two breaks in the second set, when the wheels fell off. Federer grabbed the set and then rolled through the next two for his seventh Grand Slam title. All that and it was barely 6:00 A EST, kids.

I spent a good part of the day with my sister and her girls. My sister was in a rather serious car accident this week, hit by a dude who ran a red light and smashed her into a UPS truck. She's relatively fine, but her car isn't. So it was minivan shopping, yo. I'll venture it's something I'll never do for myself, so I was game. After all, I hold the belts from both federations when it comes to see where I'm going here...that's right....I'm Marvin she was happy to have me along. She'll be picking up her new mommy-mobile next week.

Then it was back into my own sportier whip for some shopping: shower products, then textiles, then clothes, then food. Doesn't that sound like a slice of heaven, y'all? I'm just home now. Having some hot and sour soup and laundering my new sheets. Mmmmmm.....I know some of you are sticklers for insanely high thread counts, but you can have the slick, I like the friction. These are something like 300,plenty for me, and there is a curious weave that is divine. Love some texture. When I was opening them up, a little note fell out. I couldn't get my camera to capture the text, so I'll copy it here:
Sometimes, I feel as if I'm always cleaning up a mess. If I'm not picking it up, then I'm putting it away. But, when everything is in its place, I feel like I'm finally in mine. I hope that when you find the perfect place for this, it helps you find yours. Live well, Nate.
Isn't he just the sweetest thing?


Charlie said...

Ok, clearly I have to buy something fron Nate's collection so I, too, can have a love note from my perfect boyfriend! I hope you are keeping that under your pillow!

Jen said...

No insanely high thread counts for me either (although Roomie loves them so high I can't figure out how she doesn't have to sleep-belt herself into them, because they are mega-slick and I don't even like touching them to do the laundry). While I do have ridiculously expensive taste in some things, my lesbian gene also assures that I naturally gravitate toward the $20 flannel sheet sets on sale at Target. Of course, I cannot buy them right now since I am boycotting Target, but this is a result of the feminist gene, not the lesbian gene. The lesbian gene also governs actual jeans, though, since I usually wear men's Levi's.

Hey, I'm glad your sister's okay.

Maggie said...

300 is a nice, high thread count! Or am I just poor and common if I think that? I've got one set from Costco at a 400 count, and I LOVE them. 300s are hardy and last a nice, long time.

Of course, thread count is relative to yarn size...thicker yarn at a lower thread count produces fabric that is the equivalent to a higher thread count with a finer yarn.

Michael said...

Oh Charlie, the note was so sweet in its tiny envelope. I didn't keep it under my pillow, but now I will.

jen, I hear you. The really high ones are so slick and uninviting but I must say Santa brought me flannel sheets one year and they were only used one night. Not a big fan of feeling I'm velcroed to the mattress. So I guess it's a fine line for me. Soft and smooth but with a little traction/friction. Kinda like feeling someone's 5 o'clock shadow rubbing against your chest. Or leg.

Maggie, I guess 300 is high, but I see these sheets that are 600 or 800 in the stores. Not for me. Never mind that I'm way too cheap. Thanks for the FYI on yarn-size, you adorable knitting freak, you.

luscious loulou said...

Nate's on the cover of "O" this month.

I was walking by a check-out and almost rammed into some poor girlie and I muttered outloud, "Who is that gorgeous smiling man??" and as I got close, "Oh, It's NATE! Yum."

Got a laugh. I was gonna lick him but you know me... "Dignity, always Dignity."