Friday, January 27, 2006

The shareef don't like it

I am always vowing to cut back on television. I know, I know. Heresy! Still, the words have barely passed my lips when the fates or TiVo or fourfour conspire to shove them back down my throat. This time it's fourfour's fault. Project Runway is just about the tastiest morsel that I've been made to swallow in years. Is there anything not to love about this show? From the large with child Heidi Klum and her peculiar Bavarian bon mots to Haughty McHottie Tim Gunn who's all bang!bang! with the head-voiced critiques, it's a joy. If you watch it and haven't been reading fourfour's recaps, drop everything and get your gay/gay-friendly ass over there and check it out. Specifically, this week Santino did a SPOT ON impression of Tim Gunn which I've listened to a dozen times now, thanks to Rich.

Also, Max gave me the heads up on Tim Gunn's PRICELESS podcast recaps.

Added: OK, one more. Here's Santino doing T Gunn doing "Closer" by NIN over on the Bravo. (while the adorable/lickable Daniel V loses his shit over it)


Bluebunny said...

I so love this show. I force my boyfriend to watch it every week, and sometimes twice. But, I have to say it pisses me off that Santino is still there. He should have been booted out at least three times now (and beyond a shadow of a doubt for that horrific ice skating outfit he came up with), but they keep him because he is so controversial. I just hope they don't put him in the final three just for that reason. Personally I think the final three should be Daniel, Nick and Chloe.

Michael said...

That's exactly why they keep him around, B. Have you noticed the disclaimer where they mention that the judges consider input from the producers of the show when making their final decisions?

Bluebunny said...

Yup, I've seen that disclaimer. I am just hoping that when it comes time for the final three they let talent dictate the choice and not attitude.

savante said...

Project Runway sounds delicious and I shall certainly catch the next episode!


xiaoxia said...

I know I'm awful, but I still really like Santino. He has talent, ya'll!

I am absolutely in LOVE with Nick! What a hottie! If I could pick one gay man to marry, Nick would be my guy. I'm also lovin' me some Daniel V.

The fourfour recaps are to die for! They're so much better than the Tvgasm ones.

Michael said...

Paul, you won't be disappointed. It's a festival of queers. Oh, and some girls, too. And Heidi Klum!

X, Santino put out some cool stuff initially, but what has he done for me lately? Well, besides all the giggles from his T Gunn impersonation. I was all about Nick at first, but Daniel V is just so adorable. Freakish from some angles, yes, but his laugh makes me melt. ::shrugs::
If I could pick one gay man to marry it would have to be nate Berkus....or Tom Ford....or Tom Judson. Oh, did you just mean from this show? ;-)

xiaoxia said...

My love for Santino is waning, so thank God for Nick and Daniel V. Daniel seems like such a nice guy, comforting everyone and such, but whenever I see Nick, my eyes light up. Did you see the bonus video of Nick speaking spanish over the phone with his family? Muy Caliente!

Tom Ford needs to ditch Richard Buckley, marry Mr. Verreos, and adopt me. Seriously, that would be my dream come true.

Michael said...

Tom Ford needs to ditch Richard Buckley, marry Mr. Verreos, and adopt me. Seriously, that would be my dream come true. That is one of the funniest things I've read in a while. A worthy dream indeed.

luscious loulou said...

So who's on the cover of Vanity Fair???(with 2 extremely white-skinned just beyond teenage girl actors - what's up with that? How unsexy except for ....)

Bodhi's daddy! Go papa! That semi-smirk of his. He's lookin' at you, Bodes.