Sunday, January 22, 2006

You'd be so nice to come home to, you'd be so nice by the fire

It's not Friday, but who's in the mood for some meat? I'm always up for some, never more so than the last few weeks. OK, the last few months. Fine. Yes. The last six months. There. You happy? I'll just go ahead and say it, guys. Chris Meloni makes me touch my baloney. Vous?


The Other Andrew said...

I heart the big lug, I used to watch OZ in the hope that there'd be some dirty prison monkey sex. Oftentimes yes, but sadly just not enough of it. He's the hotness.

Again, your taste is impeccable.

Michael said...

A big lug (errr...yum!) is exactly what he is. I started on this whole 'I got a bolt here for that lugnut' but it was too much of a stretch, even for me.
Thanks for appreciating my taste, man.

The Other Andrew said...

Hmmm, big lug. I meant to add, the first pic - who knew he was so flexible?

..::fades into reverie::..

Gosh, now I've gone and given myself a 'situation' of the trouser variety.

Michael said...

Trouser situations can be awkward, but they're still the best situations.

There are many great pictures of our big lug, but I included that one specifically for its demonstration of his flexibility. And for the really gay outfit.

The Other Andrew said...

Oh you want to see really gay outfit? He did a feature article in OUT magazine, around the time OZ was at its peak of buzz and they had him in a high fashion, andogynous sort of get up. Jaunty little pork pie hat, some feathers, lots of eyeliner etc. Oddly the uber butch/slightly femme thing made him waaaay hotter.

It was a nice article, he's very comfortable with his sexuality and masculinity and isn't uncomfortable being around 'mos or 'playing gay'. Straight actors of America, take note.