Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The legacy I leave behind be the seed

I was so frothy over Brokeback Mountain that I almost forgot to give props to Munich. Heh. Like y'all are just BAITED over my lil' recommendations, right? I have to say, though, that I think Munich is the best thing Steven Speilberg has done in forever. And timely? Sure the horrific slaughter of Israeli athletes was during the '72 Olympics in Munich, but consider that the folks responsible were said to be Hamas. Ring a bell? Only like the guys who have taken a majority control in Palestine's recent elections. Munich is not so much about the massacre, but the aftermath. What was Israel's response? Was that response a seed that is bearing fruit even today, 30 years later? What price do people and even countries pay for taking revenge? Both Jewish and Palestinian groups are angry about their portrayal in Munich. I think that's a testament to the film. It raises a lot of questions and doesn't give pat answers. There are a few scenes of almost unbearable suspense and I won't lie, it does get long in spots, but I think that was intentional. They make you taste the burden and futility of revenge. Great stuff and apparently the Academy agrees.

Did you think I was going to do a whole post with no mention of HOTT guys? Eric Bana makes me sweat all over. Also, I was underwhelmed when I heard they'd chosen Daniel Craig as the new Bond. Still pictures don't do him justice. He is teh sex onscreen. You know me, so please don't be offended that I was ogling dudes during a serious movie.


freakgirl said...

The Eric Bana link doesn't work. :(

maddie said...

Dying to see Munich! It's on my netflix list because I know I'll never get to it in the theater.

I do look forward to your movie reviews - your taste seems to be in line with mine, so I get a good idea if I'll like it or not. :)

Daniel Craig - My god, that man. I just saw Layer Cake - starring him - have you seen it? If not, go now. Great story, and you cannot take your eyes off Craig, he just oozes charisma. Bonus: takes his shirt off often and looks damn good in many gorgeous suits. Mrrrrrow.

freakgirl said...

"so please don't be offended that I was ogling dudes during a serious movie."

Hey, at least you weren't making out during Schindler's List. ;)

Michael said...

I fixed Eric up. Fixed him up real good. Thanks, freakgirl.

Maddie, I'm glad you like the reviews. We do seem to have the same taste in movies. And men. I haven't seen 'Layer Cake' but of course I will now.

Freakgirl, that's right! I forgot about Jerry's shame. You know I used to get pulled off in the theater (messy!) but mostly just during buddy action films.

The Other Andrew said...

The other kind of 'buddy action'.

The Bana is indeed teh hotness, even back when he was stand up and sketch comedian here in Oz, with a bit o' The Chunk going on. The leaner action hero, all Hollywoodfied version, is sex on a stick. The real reason I saw "Troy", not for pretty-boy Pitt.

Bodhi said...


[*Choking on Diet Coke Lime*]

OH .. MY .... BRAD!!

Speaking of His Brad-leyness like that, my Troy Boy in leather. Did you even see him?, were you having temporary trouble with your vision at the time? I mean, HELLO. Cause otherwise, well, its just sacrilege!

Forgive him Brad, he knows not what he does.

Keep making comments like that and I may have to move out. And when you finally marry Jake and I marry Brad, don't hold your breath waiting for any dinner party invites from us, m'kay?

Michael said...

The other kind of 'buddy action'. Exactly! Like I could give a crap about Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. If you want me to go to that movie you'll have to distract me, bitch.

I don't know EB from his early days, but he is stunning from most angles now. Phenomenal (no, really) in this movie.

Bodhi said...

PS. You know me, so please don't be offended that I was ogling dudes during a serious movie

[** nods **]

Bro, you think that would offend me, I mean c'mon, pluh-ease. Hell, I would ogle guys at a funeral without a second thought. They look so cute in their dark suits ...